Monday, February 9, 2015

same idea, different day

Somehow I got the idea to pair my oversized plaid scarf (now back in stock!) with my striped popover. The problem was that I couldn't leave the house in just those two items, and I couldn't decide what pants to wear. Eventually I decided on my grey zip jeans, threw on my booties, and called it an outfit. 

It wasn't until later that day that I got the strange feeling I had already worn this outfit before. And then I realized I had worn the same pants and booties with a different shirt and oversized scarf (here). So do we say that I copied myself? That I'm being resourceful in creating a different look with the same template? Or that I'm just overthinking things?

Popover (c/o Mom): J. Crew Factory | similar
Scarf: via Target | exact!
Pants: Old Navy | exact
Booties: via Kohl's | similar


  1. Haha, this is fun. I actually like both looks, the 2014 one and the 2015 one... both scarfs are awesome and so are these booties and the whole outfit just looks really cool and stylish. I like it!

  2. You can call its your style and what you like. I have recreated my own outfit before.

  3. I do this pretty often, where I put a "new" outfit together and then it just feels familiar and I find out I've worn an almost exact version in the past. I don't think it's copying yourself if it was unintentional. Probably more like a good combination that you are drawn to again!

  4. To some extent, I think everyone has an outfit formula or "uniform" that works for them. I think mine might be leggings and a dress. When I don't want to wear clothes, that's what I put on. I'll repeat entire outfits head to toe if I love them enough. There's not much of a reason not to in my book unless it's back to back!

  5. I feel like i read an article a while ago about how really successful people wear versions of the same thing a lot (or something to that effect). I am sure that is what your brain is doing subconsciously. That and if it ain't broke, don't fix it! ;)

  6. I do this a lot too! Actually my post for tomorrow is about doing the same thing! Only I kinda did it on purpose haha. If it works, I totally do it over and over again. And this outfit works! So make the most of it!

  7. It's a great idea worth repeating! I like how your tied your scarf.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  8. Hey I'd say if you wore it more than once without realizing it, it must be a winner! I pinned the outfit to recreate on a day when I can expose my ankles a bit haha

  9. Okay, basically, I just need to tell you that I love when you have your hair in a side ponytail like this...that is all :)


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