Monday, February 16, 2015

online shopping

I don't know why I do it. I just can't help it. You know what I'm talking about. One minute, you're online window shopping, and the next minute you're looking for $40+ more worth of stuff just to qualify for free shipping. I do this time and time again, and more often than not, end up returning most - if not all - of that stuff. 

Case and point: my last haul.

  • heels
    • pros: cute, great color
    • cons: too tight, too tall, realistically would only wear them for teaching
    • verdict: return. I don't need another pair of shoes that I only wear teaching.
  • watch:
    • pros: classy-ish, I could use a new watch
    • cons: too big, and had a cheaper feel to it than anticipated
    • verdict: return. I love the idea of it more than the watch itself. Plus it was just too big for my ridiculously tiny wrists. 
  • handbag:
    • pros: cute, affordable, easy to match with most spring/summer outfits
    • cons: small. very small. as in I can fit my keys, my phone, and my magic wallet. and that's it.
    • verdict: undecided. it's small, but it can fit what I need to put into it. 
  • sneakers:
    • pros: great color
    • cons: flimsy, too big
    • verdict: return. I'm an 8.5, and this shoe only comes in full sizes. I ordered the 9s, and they were way too big. If the shoes didn't feel like they were going to fall apart after one hundred steps, I'd try the 8s. (I bought them with the hopes that I could wear them during summer vacation when I plan to do a lot of walking.)

So... while the moral of the story should be to avoid online shopping altogether, it's just too fun not to :) Have you done any online shopping lately? What have you bought? 


  1. My husband has a habit of shopping online.

  2. I wear an 8.5, too! Why do we not live closer so that I can steal (erm...borrow?) your shoes? Also, I just wound up in the very same boat with an Old Navy order. Of course, if I have to return it, then I get to go into the store, and I can't be too disappointed about that....

  3. I am a huge fan of online shopping. I just hate going to the mall to fight the crowds, the hunt for something, the waiting in lines. I really prefer shopping online with places like F21 where there's way too much selection. I also like the idea of trying things on at home to see if it works with what's in my closet.

    Bummer that online shopping isn't for you. But that may be a good thing since it can be a bit addicting.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  4. I actually do a lot of online shopping since I live so far from most of the stores I favor and can't always get there to do some shopping. So even though I get things for the free shipping, I'll save up the things I order and do one large return trip for a day into the city. I like my system, but I realize it does have it's "pointless" aspects.

  5. I've never been a big online shopper, but maternity clothes are impossible to find in stores, so I've been bad lately. I have an order from Old Navy and and order from Loft on the way. I hope everything works out, because they don't let you return in stores. It's probably not a good risk to take, but I still want to shop! (Not like I'm running out of things to wear, but you know, I just NEED new things all the time!)

  6. I've been almost exclusively online shopping lately. I got some really cute things through thredup. The cons are that some of them are nonreturnable and don't fit though. Loft had some really great basic tees on clearance too. It's too bad your sneakers didn't work out. They are so cute!

  7. I have those heels myself, and I agree that they run a little small. I actually exchanged them for a half size bigger.
    I have the same problem with watches--they're almost always a couple links too big. It bugs me that Target doesn't have jewelry staff for watch repairs/re-sizing. I've gotten in the habit of buying all my watches at department stores so I can get them resized for free.

  8. Guilty haha. But at least you're smart enough to return most of it. What's the harm in ordering more if you can easily return it to a nearby store? Or better yet, ship it back for free? It's too bad about both pairs of shoes because they're adorable!

    After wanting to take a shopping break, the 99 cent sweater sale was too good to pass up. Then I went to Marshall's and found a few clearance items (granted one item has been on my wishlist FOREVER). Then I noticed Express was having a sale and I managed to find the tank I've been eyeing on bloggers for the last year and snagged two with a discount but had to pay $9 shipping which is ridiculous. I figured it was okay since I'd been wanting them for a long time. But then, I heard about the Nordstrom clearance and went to check for flat booties and a camel sweater. I found a gorgeous sweater at a very reasonable price. Ordered that too. So much for my spending freeze!


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