Friday, February 27, 2015

February Budget

1. J. Crew striped sweater: thrifted, $12.50
2. Target scarf: originally $15, on clearance $4.50
3. Loft sweater: originally $60, on clearance $10
4. Payless flat: originally $30, on sale $16
5. Gap ankle pant: originally $75, on clearance $10
6. Target handbag: originally $30, on clearance $15 [EDIT: RETURNED]
7. (not pictured) burgundy infinity scarf : $4

= $57 - $10 clothes sold = $47

I'm mostly satisfied with these purchases. The only thing keeping me from saying it was a great month are the infinity scarf and the handbag. I'm still on the fence about the handbag. It's small, and the fact that all I can fit cram in it are my phone, keys, and some cash makes me think I'll probably end up returning it this weekend. The (not pictured) scarf  was an impulse purchase. I never buy anything from mall stands; this scarf was a first. I guess there's a good reason for that - after a few wears it's already started to tatter. 

As for the pants, the shoes, the sweaters, and the scarf? I highly anticipate getting even more wear from them once spring rolls around. 

For the first time in a long time, I don't have anything to report in the "bought but returned" category. I've been really busy with school, so my online shopping was limited to one Target haul

I also don't have any pressing needs, although I'm checking LOFT's website on a daily basis to see if any of the Lou & Grey pieces I have my eye on have gone on sale. I also finally found a pair of black booties that seem to be what I'm looking for, but it also seems too late in the season to buy a pair, especially when they're not at a clearanced price. Hopefully this contentment will last me through March, though I'm guessing it will only last through spring break. Here's to hoping that I've worked hard enough to deserve a treat or two by then!

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  1. I love that bear tank on your wishlist! I hope you get it!

  2. Have you ever used Shoptagr? It tracks item prices for you and will email you when the price drops, or if the store is running a sale. It's saved me a lot of time stalking websites!

    1. I have never even heard of Shoptagr! Thanks for letting me know about it. I will definitely have to use it for the bear tank :)

  3. you got some great deals this month

  4. I use a similar thing to what K mentioned called PricePinx - it lets me know when something goes on sale too! I've only actually purchased something because of it once, but it was well worth it! I really like those flats - such a good find at Payless!

  5. I also highly recommend Shoptagr. I use it all the time for pieces I want but are outside my price range!
    I really like that Loft sweater you got--and such a steal!

  6. Those flats are super cute. I can't believe they are Payless! I need to check out Payless next time I am at the mall! And since you are still on the fence about the purse I would probably return it. Now is always the best time to get boots and booties. Even if you can't wear them now you could wear them next year.

  7. I want that bear tank top! I mean, it's expensive, but so fun. Good job this month!

  8. You found some great deals this month! I feel like between the end of the season markdowns and sales in general there are plenty of good deals to be had (which may not be a good thing...)

  9. I made my first post of this kind yesterday and it was so much fun and so intersting to make! Thank you again for the great idea :)

  10. I love what you got this month! And I definitely agree that you will be able to continue getting good wear out of them all through spring. I know that I would probably return the itty bitty purse. It's cute but seems like it wouldn't get used much. You should return it and get that cute bucket bag you have your eye on =)

  11. You found some adorable pieces this month! I'm especially loving the white sweater. But you know me and sweaters... Do you already have a few small purses? I have four smaller clutch sized bags, a medium everyday bag, and a huge bag for traveling and sneaking snacks into the movie theater. I find that I rarely break out the small bags because my wallet takes up every inch of space. If you already have a smaller bag (or two or three) that you like, I'd return the white one and spring for a larger bag that will fit more!

  12. Okay, I really like your new items this month, Kate! The white sweater looks like a great transition-into-spring piece :) I am eager to get some styling ideas from you with those gray ankle pants, too!


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