Monday, February 2, 2015

Budget Rewind: January 2013

Andi had this great idea to reflect on purchases of 2014, and so I did the same. I am trying to be more conscientious and intentional about what I bring into my closet. I bought 45 items during 2014 - which might be the fewest I've bought in years. I've been making an effort to wear these items and not let them go neglected. But there's a different story for 2013. And that's why also I'm reflecting on the purchases of 2013.

  • Groopdealz mint necklace: $9 - Anything that I get below $1 cost-per-wear is a win, and this one is currently down to 75 cents.
  • Target teal wedges: $9 - I think I bought these because they were different, and because they were less than $10. I had them for three months before I ever wore them, but since, I've blogged them 9 times, so I've gotten my money's worth. I still like them and have no intention of getting rid of them. Hooray! 
  • The Limited red coat: (not pictured) $10 - A (mild) winter coat for $10. That's what I call an amazing purchase. That $10 also got me a pair of brown tights - which I'd put in an in between good and bad purchase (i.e., medium) as it's nice to have them, even if I rarely wear them.

Medium (in between good and bad): 
  • J. Crew red blouse: $25 -  I can't remember if it was the color or the amazing deal that drew me in (original price was $100+).While I really do love this silk shirt, I hate that it's dry-clean only. I didn't realize that when I bought it, and so I wear it less than I should. (Cost-per-wear is currently at $5). I've read on the internet that you can hand wash dry-clean only by using cold water and a bit of shampoo? Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  • J. Crew purple boyfriend cardigan: $15 - I can't decide whether this was a good purchase or bad. It's good because it's purple and long but bad because I don't wear it that often. Also, I ruined it by putting it in the dryer, but I've heard cold water and conditioner can restore it back to its original size. Cost-per-wear is at $2.
  • Old Navy pink blouse: $7.50 - This top is probably one size too big for me, but it was on the clearance rack and there were no other sizes left. Plus, my husband said I could get it, and I will never waste one of those rare times when he approves a purchase. While I don't love it on its own, it's a great layering piece. I'm going to wear this three more times so that I get the cost-per-wear down to $1.

  • Groopdealz gold link necklace: $8 - I bought it thinking I'd wear it a lot. 5 times isn't bad, but it isn't great, especially since this is the course of two years we're talking about. I could easily have lived without this purchase.
  • The Limited black trim blouse: $18 - Worn twice. Enough said. But really, it's sheerness makes me less inclined to wear it, and I have no idea how to wear it in a different way than I already have. While I liked the way I wore it one, I realistically shouldn't have bought it in the first place since it didn't pass the "come up with three different ways to wear it" test. I'm not ready to get rid of it, and in fact, it's on my "make it work for 2015" list.
  • Target chevron skirt: $20 - Total impulse purchase after seeing it on another blog (maybe Lilly's?). I like it when I wear it, but rarely find myself reaching for it. It's a statement piece, and the older I get, the less I reach for statement pieces. Plus, the wind blows it up every time I wear it. I think the only reason I haven't gotten rid of it is out of greed. I want more than $2 for it. 

  • Old Navy polka dot jeans: $8.50 - These just weren't me. I was excited about the price, and bought them at a time when polka dot jeans were the thing to have. But I never felt comfortable wearing them, and eventually came to my senses and took them to a consignment shop. 

So of 9 items: 3 good, 4 medium, 3 bad, 1 ugly. 

I'm not sure what to make of this other than nearly half of January 2013's purchases I could have done without. This Budget Rewind does help me gain some perspective on what I'm willing to part with when push comes to shove, or when I can deal with getting a couple bucks for a $20 purchase.


  1. I really like this idea of looking back and reflecting back on prior purchases to see if they were worth it or not! I'll definitely be doing this once I have a year of purchases to reflect on!

  2. Great Post! You purchased some beautiful pieces this past year!

  3. I really love reading your thoughts on past purchases! And I hope those 2 bad items are promoted to at least medium in 2015. If nothing else, going back and reviewing these might remind us to try and make things work again!

  4. I have a purple b/f cardigan that I don't wore it that often either.

  5. It's neat to someone else doing these types of posts! I stopped doing mine last month because I didn't think it was an enjoyable read for others. I might have to go back to it then!

    I actually really like that black and white blouse! You could layer it under a pullover sweater or cardigan, wear it under a blazer, tucked into a skirt with a long necklace or scarf, I'd keep trying!

  6. I have a hard time with sheer blouses, too. In fact I added one to the donate pile just the other day. I like that red blouse! I am not sure about the washing, but I bet you are right.

  7. Oooh, that black and white shirt is really cute, Kate! I tend to avoid sheer tops, but with a cami underneath or layered underneath something else, it could be a great work top!

  8. The fact that I can't remember what I bought last month, let alone two years ago, means you are ages ahead of me. I feel so unevolved. This idea is a great one, and I can't even believe that $10 Limited coat.


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