Tuesday, January 20, 2015

wishlists: 2014 v. 2015

In the past few years, I've put together wishlists of items I'd like to add to my closet. You might think that 2015's list might look like that which still remains on my 2014 wishlist with the addition of some trendy items or some replacement items. Well, it's not that easy. 

I had 35 items on my 2014 wishlist and purchased 12 of those items (including a military jacket with a hood, which had been on my 2013 wishlist as well!). 10 of those items I no longer care to add to my closet (e.g., I really don't need anymore blazers, so I nixed tweed blazer from the list). But with the addition of two more wants (a white button up blouse and an everyday handbag), that leaves the following 15, i.e., my 2015 wishlist. 15 for '15!  (Now let's see if I can keep my purchases limited to what's on this list...)


  • Navy crewneck sweater (like this)
  • Black longsleeve top with white stripes (like this)
  • White/cream silk/flowy button up blouse (like this)


  • Big chunky sweater cardigan (like this)

  • Dark print a-line skirt (able to be worn in winter)
  • Burgundy pencil skirt (like this)
  • Olive full-length straight-leg pants



  • Maroon infinity scarf (like this)
  • everyday handbag (not in cognac or black) (like this)


  • Black booties - low heel (like these)
  • Black heels, 2-3" heel
  • Black suede wedges (like these)
  • Purple/fuchsia heels
  • Cognac riding boots (like these)

Do you make wishlists? What's on your wishlist?


  1. My whole wishlist situation is on hold at the moment because of life being unpredictable! Who know what size or shape I will be, or what I will be comfortable in come summer time?? But I think you have a good list. In the meantime, I'm going to try to spend as little on maternity clothes as possible, but it might be tricky, since I have to keep wearing something!

  2. These are all (for the most part) super versatile items that will never go out of style. I hope you are able to find them all!

  3. Lots of great items here. I like the idea of full-length straight leg olive pants. I wear my olive ankle pants so much that I think I might get pretty good use out of another pair in a different cut. So I might have to steal that idea from you!

  4. All of these are great items to add to your closet! They can be mixed in with so many other things to make new combinations! Glad to see you are feeling better!


  5. I just made a small winter wishlist for today's post! I have a plan to make a full wishlist based on some Pinterest reflection to try and add more staples to my wardrobe this year. You have some classic items on your list. I see that you don't want an everyday handbag in black or cognac. What colors are you looking for instead?

  6. If you keep your purchases close to this list or just limited to this, I applaud you. Clearance racks are my shopping goal nemeses. As much as I try, I always fail. I deep red infinity scarf is also on my list.

  7. We definitely agree on several of these, like the navy sweater, cream button-up, gray dress (those options from H&M are all great) and your shoe choices. I might steal your idea and do a similar post if you don't mind.


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