Saturday, January 31, 2015

Budget Rewind: January 2014

Andi had this great idea to reflect on past purchases, and I found her breakdown to be helpful and informative. I'm following suit and will be reflecting on last year's purchases all year long, month by month.

I'll be starting with January 2014. You can see the original budget post here.


  • Target blazer: $18 - A good purchase, for sure. While I could wear it more, it's one of my most frequently worn blazers, and I love it every time I wear it.

Honorable mention:
  • The Limited striped top: $17 - I ended up returning the top shortly after putting the budget together. I just didn't love it. Hooray for recognizing this and not keeping it just because it was cute.

That was easy, and very satisfying. Of the two things I bought, I returned one right away and have been happy with the other. I really should remind myself when I'm shopping that the way I feel about this blazer is the way I should feel about all of my purchases, every month.


  1. After seeing Andi's post I went back and looked at last year's January budget post, and I was happy to see I still love and wear both items I'd bought!

  2. After seeing Andi's post I went back and looked at last year's January budget post, and I was happy to see I still love and wear both items I'd bought!

  3. I like Andi's post idea too. I'm a little scared to look at my budget from last January...
    I absolutely love that blazer. Definitely $18 well spent!

  4. i absolutely love this idea. gosh, my blogging pals are so smart to think of stuff like this! i went back through my clothing purchases posts and it was really eye-opening to mentally tally up the times i have worn all of the items i purchased in 2014... i think i'll definitely continue doing some reflecting through those posts of mine. good for you for still feeling good about the blazer you bought a year ago!

  5. This is such a great idea! Maybe I should start a monthly budget list and then start analyzing them... By the way, today I finally went to take some pictures of my pink and grey outfit haha. I think I will post it sometime next week :)
    Have a great Sunday!

  6. Well, you totally win! January just tends to be a big spending month for me, I think because I end up finding all the after holiday sales and I have no self control. I would love to have a rewind post where everything is good! Something to strive for!

  7. I love this idea of reviewing all your items from last year. I think it will really help you figure out what type of items are most versatile for you and which you will use most!

  8. I love that y'all are doing this! I think it may motivate me to actually keep track of my purchases again. I stopped because since I was thrifting a lot of my clothes, it was way too much work having to take a picture of everything and create the collage. I think I'll do it though!

  9. I'm finally catching up on blogs, but I just read Andi's post like this and I'm totally feeling inspired to check back at what I've bought over the past years and see what I still wear...(it's probably not a lot...I feel like I get rid of stuff all the time). I really like that blazer you got, by the way - the black piping is such a great detail.


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