Monday, November 10, 2014

turtleneck + vest

I was so excited when Loft had a 50% off sale online because that meant I could finally get the tunic sweater I had my eye on for weeks! The only problem was that I had to decide whether to buy a bunch of other stuff to qualify for free shipping or pay for shipping. I hate paying for shipping. I can't remember the last time I did that. So, I did what any reasonable person would do, and I bought four pairs of jeans to qualify for free shipping.

When the order finally arrived, three pairs of jeans were terrible fits [EDIT: pair 1, pair 2, pair 3], but there was one that was pretty much perfect. And so I wore them. And paired them with all the other individual pieces I had considered wearing that day: military vest, slip on sneakers, and a sweater of some sort.

Turtleneck (gift c/o in-laws): via Kohl's
Vest: Old Navy | similar
Jeans: LOFT | exact
Sneakers: via Target | exact

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  1. At least one of the pairs of jeans worked out! I never think to buy extra things to get free shipping, but I do hate to pay an extra $7 for it. I just add it in with the cost of the item, and pretend it was one price!

  2. Yay for well-fitting jeans...they are hard to come by! Out of curiosity, which other pairs did you order?

  3. You look so sassy in that first pic! Work it, girl. And this purple/olive combination is so lovely that you really do make me wish more purple existed in my closet. Also, those shoes are so fun; they look comfy. Are they? We are wearing vests for Trendy Tuesday tomorrow. You have me feeling inspired.

  4. Love how they look on you! The slight distressing is really cute, too. So glad you finally found a nice pair of jeans!

  5. Being one that hates to pay for shipping as well, I try to do order fillers that are things I know I will return (like the wrong size) so I don't end up keeping things that I am not suppose to have. I have zero self control. These jeans do look great on you!


  6. I love how chic you made this casual outfit look. So good! I can never seem to style turtlenecks quite right.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. Wow, those jeans really look awesome on you, Kate! I love all your casual outfits. It's an area of my own personal style that I wish I was better at...I know where I'll be coming for inspiration ;)

  8. I love your turtleneck sweater and animal print flats! Thanks for sharing with Celebrate Southern this week dear! :)


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