Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Budget

My goal this month was to spend as little as possible on myself. Spoiler alert: that didn't happen.

1. Lou & Grey Zipside Tunic (via Loft): originally $60, on promotion for $30
2. Oversized Plaid Scarf (via Target): originally $17 - 15% cartwheel coupon = $15
3. Altuzarra x Target orchid sweatshirt: originally $30, on clearance for $9
4. LOFT Modern Straight Leg jeans: originally $80, on promotion for $40
5. Gap Outlet coat [seen here]: originally $80, on promotion for $65
6. SO Crochet Tunic Sweater (via Kohl's) - gift c/o Mom
7. SO Moccasins (via Kohl's) - gift c/o Mom
8. Simply Vera Vera Wang Leggings (via Kohl's) gift c/o Mom

= $159


But at the same time, this was a month of staples: a coat, a pair of jeans. a sweater (that I've worn four times in the past four weeks!). I highly recommend the tunic sweater from Kohl's, especially if you didn't get the Lou & Grey sweater before it sold out. It's so comfortable and works great layered or on its own. And it's half the cost!

I'm excited about the leggings and the moccasins because those are two items that were in desperate need of replacing; both had holes in them and were in terrible condition. I've been looking for a new, reliable pair of jeans for months, and I'm happy that I finally found a pair that fit my needs and wants.

In previous budget posts, I've compiled a short list of things I have my eye on. This month, I've put together a list of temptations I'm going to try to avoid:

- Black booties. As long as there are no sales, I'll be able to avoid buying them.
- Cognac boots. Hopefully Santa will leave these under my tree for me.
- Quilted sneakers. I am getting so much use out of my leopard slip ons, I can see myself wearing a black version just as much.
- This triangle sweatshirt. I was -this- close to buying the J. Crew version last year.

Next month, I'll add up each month's budget to see how I did for the year. Stay tuned! 

How did you do this month? Do you see the holiday season as a time to take advantage of the great deals? What do you have your eye on lately?

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  1. oh man, you did great compared to how my november purchases are adding up, and i am not even posting until the last day of the month because i am pretty sure i am going to buy something on cyber monday. how are you avoiding all of the thanksgiving sales?!? and how have i avoided not buying that oversized plaid target scarf yet?

  2. This happens to me too often too. Every month I tell myself that I am not going to buy ANYTHING and then at the end of the month I somehow manages to spend some $100 again :/
    But at least your purchases are really super pretty and just so great for Fall and Winter, so I think in the end its okay to just buy ;-)

  3. You did amazing! ! I know this month is going to break records for me because of all the cold weather gear i had to buy. I'm afraid to count it up!

  4. You got a lot of great items this month. I went a little overboard this month. Due to I went to the states for 12 days.

  5. You did get some nice staples this month and sometimes you have to pay a bit more for staples. It hurts but when you find what you are looking for it's worth it! I have almost the exact same slippers and love them by the way! So warm and comfortable!

  6. I'm kind of jealous you got the scarf! I had told myself I wasn't going to fall for it, then I was at Target yesterday feeling sorry for myself since I haven't had a baby yet and I was like "I'm going to buy something that fits!" and they didn't have it. Probably a good thing. I really want that sweater! I'm thinking if I feel sorry for myself tomorrow, I should probably go to Kohls!

  7. I'm not faulting you for going over. In fact, if you hadn't said that most of it was closet staples, I was going to point that out! Plus, you almost always come in under your goal. You're my inspiration.

  8. These are definitely staple impulse buys (if that makes you feel any better;). I love the loft sweater and gap jacket. I would be wearing those on repeat (every other day lol). Thank you so much for your kind words on my video Kate and sorry it took so long for me to respond. Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

  9. I really like everything you got this month, Kate - a great mix of tried and true basics that you can wear a lot of different ways, plus some fun things like the scarf and sweatshirt!

  10. You did really well Kate. And yessss for having moms that buy us clothes. Love the two sweaters you got and the infamous plaid scarf. I think you need those boots and the quilted slip-ons you linked to. And the triangle sweatshirt is super cute. Just saying... lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

  11. As per usual, I love everything you bought this month! Loft's modern straight jeans are my go-to--I think I have like six pairs now (in different colors).

  12. I would love to own one of those huge plaid scarves! Fabulous list!

  13. These are great pieces! It definitely looks like you are getting cozy for the cold weather. And how awesome that you found a pair of jeans you like, they are not easy to find!

  14. I got that scarf from Target too! I love it! And it's such a great price!


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