Wednesday, October 8, 2014

the 21 day buffet

I decided this morning that I'm taking on a self-imposed challenge/theme. I also decided that I started it on October 1st. The name of the game is the 21 day buffet. The idea is that I've chosen 21 items I'm going to wear over the course of 21 days. So it's kind of like a 30x30, except it's only for 21 days, and I'm not limited to only those 21 items (but every day I have to wear at least one of the 21 items). It's kind of like No Longer Neglected, except some of these items are not neglected at all. Basically I can pick and choose whatever I want... and that's why it's my 21 day buffet. [My game, my rules.] Here are the 21 items I've chosen:

tops bottoms dresses
giraffe sweater black pleated skirt old navy dress
lace baseball tee ON striped skirt JCF blue dress
love tee purple ponte skirt bear dress
chambray shirt khaki tweed skirt
JCF popover black maxi skirt
grey sweatshirt T jcrew chinos shoes
any cardigan white jeans BC flats
JCF plaid shirt black joggers booties

I'm four days in, so you can see the first three days below. I included what I wore from the list with the respective day.

day 1: lace baseball tee, black pleated skirt
day 2: giraffe sweater, jcrew chinos
day 3: khaki tweed skirt

...which brings me to day 4: (chambray shirt, ON pencil skirt):

Chambray: Old Navy | very similar
Necklace: J. Crew Factory | option, option
Skirt: Old Navy | exact, similar
Belt: The Limited | option
Heels: via Payless | exact


  1. I love this outfit! It looks chic for a day out but also makes for a fashionable work wear :)

    By the way, I just updated my blog with a new post. I’d love for you to swing by:

  2. Great idea! Your 21-day buffet is like 30x30, but way less stressful.
    I really love the way you dressed up your chambray shirt. This outfit is also making me want more wide belts in my life--yours goes perfectly with your striped skirt!

  3. I always liked the idea of 30 x 30 but never tried it because it's way too restrictive and I feel bad for my other clothes. Sounds like fun idea! Looking forward to seeing how you mix up your outfits!

    BTW, I hope you will me in TBT Fashion link up on Thursday.


  4. I like this idea! Anything to keep life interesting! I also like this outfit.

  5. What a great idea to rotate old items in your closet! Chambray and stripes are always a good idea. =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  6. Ah yes, now this is my kind of challenge! I like the idea of wearing particular pieces in your closet to find ways to mix and match them. But it's nice to have the freedom outside of a 30x30 to wear other pieces that you already own too!

  7. I actually think I could do a challenge like this! Good for you for taking it on! Love this outfit. The belt works so well with it and I love the nude heels!I have the exact pair and they are really comfy!

  8. What a great idea. You can never go wrong with chambray and stripes.

  9. I love this idea for a remix challenge and think the name is very cute :) I like how it's not as restrictive as a regular 30x30 but still lets you remix your clothes in new ways! I really like this outfit too! I love seeing any and all ways of styling chambray shirts :)

  10. Such a fabulous look! I've looked at this striped skirt at ON before, but now you have me thinking I need to go back and give it a try! SO great with your chambray top and nude pumps.

  11. I LOVE this idea, Kate! Such a great way to look at your closet and guide your outfit planning :) And this outfit is so classic and lovely :) You look so great in that skirt!!

  12. Just coming off a 30 for 30 this sounds like so much easier and fun while still keeping your weekends free. I love all the first 4 outfits so far with this one and the baseball tee+Aline skirt being my top two looks of yours. And I did mention this challenge on my blog today.

  13. I am just dying over the 21 day buffet thing. It's wonderfully hysterical and perfectly genius. It sounds right up my alley. I can never narrow my wardrobe down to a small fraction for a month, so this idea strikes the right compromise. And, gosh, you're pretty. You rock that striped skirt so well. EVERY time.


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