Wednesday, October 29, 2014

review: Loft & Target sweaters

This is an informal (and non-sponsored) comparison and review of Target's Chunky Pullover Sweater (by Merona) vs. Loft's Zipside Tunic (by Lou & Grey). 

I've been looking for a sweater that meets the following criteria:
1) It must be long enough to cover my bum (or at least some of it).
2) It must be able to be worn both by itself and layered over a shirt.

And ideally..
3) it would be the kind of sweater I would just want to thrown on with a pair of jeans for running errands or getting coffee with a friend, and
4) it would be the kind of sweater I can wear with my exact stretch pants for teaching.

The Loft sweater (left) has more stretch and so it ends up fitting me better overall. (I ordered a XS for reference.) The Target sweater (right) makes me feel like my movement is slightly restricted in the shoulder and armpit area. (I got a M for reference.) But, the sleeves of the Target sweater seem slightly longer. (I'm 5'7".) When I tried the Loft sweater in store, I could have sworn the sleeves were longer, so I wonder if I can stretch out the sleeves. Ultimately not a big deal though, as I generally push my sleeves up.

The Loft sweater (left) definitely allows for more bum coverage than the Target sweater (right). However, as seen in the first collage, the Target sweater extends below the button of my jeans, so it's still a win. The Loft sweater has (functional) zippers on both sides.

Both sweaters layer to my liking. The shirt I used as an example is a baggier popover, so I would assume that both sweaters would work with any kind of shirt underneath.

Additional considerations? 
- The Loft sweater is hand-wash only. (I didn't even bother to check the status of the Target sweater since it's the kind of thing I'd throw in a cold cycle without thinking twice.) 
- The Loft sweater is speckled black, white, and grey, while the Target sweater is a solid grey.
- The Loft sweater is ultimately lighter and stretchier, but it's also more delicate. I've already found three threads coming undone.
- The Loft sweater was originally $60, I bought it on a 50% off promotion. The Target sweater was originally $25.


  1. Thank you for the review!!!! I think it was super helpful, and now I'm like 95% certain I will order the Loft one during their next great sale. I'm also writing a post about a few of the Lou and Grey pieces out in the next week, so I'll be sure to link to this post!

  2. Great review. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yay, I was hoping you would do a review of the two sweaters! The Loft one does have a lot going for it, except for the whole hand-wash/delicate aspect. As Fran said, I might have to order it the next time there's a good sale (which is pretty much every weekend at Loft).

  4. Great comparison - I really like the zipper on the Loft sweater which just makes a sweater a bit more interesting.


  5. Great review!! So, which one is the winner? I think I like the Loft one better, but the delicateness is a concern, and I don't hand-wash anything, so I'd probably throw it into a lingerie bag and wash it on the delicate cycle anyway (and potentially ruin it!)

  6. I think the Loft one with the zippers is one I'd choose, but the durability of it concerns me. I'm also really bad about hand washing items. I typically throw things in on delicate and hope for the best. I see Andi shares my view! :)

  7. Great Review. I like the color of the Loft sweater.

  8. This is a nice review - I like the look of the Loft sweater because of the speckled colors and the zippers, but the fact that it's more delicate and can't be washed in the machine is a huge deal breaker for me. And since the Target one isn't quite what you wanted either, I'd probably look on for something that fits the bill a little better.


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