Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October Budget

1. Gap v-neck tee: originally $20, on clearance $6.50
2. J. Crew Factory baseball cap: originally $37, on clearance $5
3. Target floral skirt: originally $18 - 25% cartwheel coupon = $13.50
4. Target slip on sneakers: originally $25 - 25% cartwheel coupon = $19

= $44

The grey tee was on my wishlist, as was the floral skirt, so hooray for that. The hat was an impulse purchase, but I've already worn it twice, so it's not the worst purchase I've ever made. The slip on sneakers were also somewhat impulsive, but they are the perfect weekend shoe. (I haven't documented those outfits but you're not missing much. It's just bootcut jeans, a "stylish" hoodie or sweatshirt, and the sneakers.)

What didn't work...
I had ordered this sweater from J. Crew Factory in navy, red currant, and pack green, but when they arrived, none of them had "long sleeves" as they were supposed to have, per website description. What a bummer. Plus they were all really wide at the bottom but super fitted at the top. Back they went. (Along with this vest and this tee.)

I also ordered this shirt (in red plaid) from Old Navy, but it made me look like a lumberjack. This top (in natural) from the Limited was too baggy, and this cardigan from Gap was also way too oversized. It's not really a loss on any of these items, as I honestly don't need any of them.

And what's currently in the mail...
I fell in love with this sweater during a recent trip to Loft. There was no way I was going to pay $60 for it, so I waited for it to go on sale online. In the mean time, I found this (cheaper) version from Target, so I'll wait to compare the two.

I'm also really excited about this jacket from Old Navy (a cross between their typical military jacket and J. Crew's field jacket). I've been on the hunt for the perfect military jacket and this one will hopefully fit the bill. 

And what I have my eye on for next month...
I feel terrible about shopping for myself during the holiday season, so I'm getting it all in while I don't feel too bad about it. (Hey, at least I'm honest.) I have been looking for the perfect pair of black booties for a few months now, and almost thought I had it narrowed down to this heel or this wedge, but when I eliminated the wedge, I realized the heel option offered no ankle support and I felt like it was an accident waiting to happen. In the mean time, I found this no-heel option and this chunky heel option. I'll mull them over in the following weeks.

How did you do this month?

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  1. I need to pull my list together and look at receipts! I had only bought one shirt from Target and then I went shopping a bit over the weekend (hey, it was my birthday, so I had an excuse!). Most exciting thing - I got the JCF hat in the checkered print! I've been wanting a fashionable baseball cap, so this will be perfect. But it is wool, so I'm not sure it will work in the summer. Oh well! It does look like JCF updated the description of sleeve length on those sweaters, so that's good.

  2. I love the hat! Have you worn it on the blog yet? I might have missed it. It seems like such a cool piece. I think it's smart of you to start thinking about your holiday wishlist. You DEFINITELY need a pair of black booties. Mine have been game changers. I hope you find the perfect pair! I know I told you this, but I got mine from Piperlime on super-sale (from $100 to $30) so maybe you can find a deal like that!

  3. You did awesome this month. I didn't do that bad this month either. Next month I know I will be going over my budget. Due to a trip i'm going on.

  4. dang, now I'm sad I didn't see that zip tunic from LOFT earlier. I LOVE IT. Please do a quick review when it comes because I may need to get one too.

  5. That skirt is so cute and I really like that hat! I wasn't sure I would find a reason to wear my baseball cap, but I keep finding myself reach for it. That Old Navy jacket is adorable! I wish they had it in olive!

  6. Good picks! I have a couple "winter" baseball caps and love them.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  7. I do the same thing--I'll fall in love with something that's too expensive, find a cheaper alternative, and then the original goes on sale. I'll be interested to see which sweater you end up with!

  8. I love what you brought home this month. Way to stick to your budget though. I'm looking forward to your sweater comparison because I know you were seeing one out. Personally I've found that J.Crew/J.Crew Factory calls their "bracelet" sleeves, long sleeves, yet they stop several inches from my wrists. It's kinda awkward.

  9. I like these overviews from you! I actually did quite good in the first three weeks of the month, not bying anything (cause the wedding was expensive enough) but then I couldnt resist to make a "small" H&M order which arrived yesterday... well I was veeerry happy even though I am short in money ;)

  10. Wow, that sweater from LOFT is so, so cute! It looks perfectly cozy and warm :) I can't wait to see it (or the Target version) on you! I haven't put together my budget post yet, but all it contains is a new pair of black boots (HOORAY!!) so I might just stick it in with a regular outfit post, haha.

  11. Normally I'm not a fan of fashiony ball caps, but I love the colour combo on that one!

  12. Leopard sneakers are always impulsive, yet always fabulous. Great pick!



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