Saturday, October 18, 2014

black dress, blue scarf

Last weekend, I went shopping, hoping to score some great deals and to try to knock off some things from my wishlist. It was an unsuccessful trip, to put it simply. I bought this hat because it was $5 and I had store credit. While I don't see myself ever wearing it to school, it's perfect for those days I prefer to go incognito. When I got home, I perused the online sales and ordered a lot of stuff. Most of the orders have come in by now, and there's one word to sum it all up: disappointing. 

These sweaters from J. Crew Factory are not long-sleeve as they claim to be. Apparently 'bohemian red' is a fancy way of saying 'neon salmon', because this vest was not an adequate replacement for the berry one I really want(ed). I was so excited for this tee, but it fits nothing like my other collector tee. Also, these jeans from Gap are going back because there is too much room below the crotch (a problem I have never experienced before). I tried this cardigan on in store, and was so excited to see it on super sale. But when it arrived, it was huge. Comically huge. 

I guess the moral of the story is that I'm probably going to end up spending the next six months in skirts and dresses. And that I should probably just learn to make my closet work. That's what I tried to do with this outfit. I found this gingham shirt last month at The Limited, but I just don't think I can bring myself to keep it when it's so similar to the one I'm wearing below. Have you bought something similar to something else you already own? How did you justify the purchase? 

Shirt: Old Navy | option
Dress: Old Navy | very similar
Scarf: J. Crew Factory | same style, same color
Wedges: via Payless | option

[day 10 of the 21 day buffet: Old Navy dress]

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  1. sorry about all of the disappointment with things you were excited about trying on or looking into that just didn't work! if it means anything, i can't wait to fit into my black sleeveless dress that is similar to this one so i can recreate a similar look with some gingham and a scarf (my disappointment these days comes from clothes i already own not fitting, ugh).

  2. Oh my gosh, I've totally had the crotch gap problem. And when you start walking in the pants, they make this weird clicking sound like your pants are trying to be all pervy and hit on people by making sounds at them. It's like the creepy cousin of the corduroy pants sound. I try to make these same justifications and can't, so I just give up and keep 'em both if I like them both and will wear them both. That's a good enough reason for me.

  3. Such a bummer that things didn't really work out! I love that hat - I was just thinking the other day that I'd really like a cute baseball cap for when I'm being casual. And yeah, bohemian red got me, too. My pencil skirt (that I thought would be actually red) was on final sale, so I was stuck. I don't hate it, but now I still want an actual red skirt, but feel like I already have something close enough. I wish JCF would have better color descriptions!

  4. Ah man. Sorry to hear about all the JCF disappointments. I had been eyeing that same bird collector tee, so I'm sad to hear that it doesn't fit like the others. Occasionally, I'll buy an item that's similar to something I already own, but I'll force myself to sell or donate the old one.

  5. So disappointing! I love Gap jeans, so I'd be especially discouraged by that experience. And I'm not much of a hat wearer, but found a plain black one on clearance at Target on Friday for only $5 and somehow couldn't resist. I think I see it for incognito days like you described, or let's be real...those days doing my hair is just not a priority. :)

    I have the habit of buying multiples of an item - think the most noticeable one I saw when I recently cleaned out my closet was the Target boyfriend tees. I had way too many of those (think probably close to 10 of them), but think that in moderation it's totally appropriate. If it's a style or print you're drawn to then I bet both pieces would get a lot of wear!

  6. I often wear my black dresses with blue scarfs and I really like this combination. I think I would have liked the outfit a little more without the blouse underneath but thats a question of taste I guess :)
    Enjoy your Sunday night dear and thank you a lot for your comment and congratulations :)

  7. Wow! What a bummer of a shopping trip! I hate it when I am in the mood to buy and nothing at stores is working out. If I end up buying something similar to a piece I already have it's typically an upgrade. If the new piece will work better, fits better and will be more versatile then I can justify it. :)

  8. Ugh I hate it when you are all set to shop and then everything you find is a disappointment. I have a sweater from JCF that has odd length sleeves, too short to be long sleeved but longer than 3/4 sleeves. I always wind up scrunching the sleeves or cuffing them once.

  9. Sorry to hear of your unsuccessful shopping trip! I love how you styled the gingham plaid under your black dress!

  10. Oh, I hate the disappointing results in online shopping! I do a lot of it online and most of the times it is as expected..but recently I got a coat from H&M thatw as too big, I took it in store to exchange, and they said they can't do online returns or exchange in store! I was like which age are you living in if yo can't even make ur online and store thing work together!! Anyhow, I have to bear the cost of return shipping also, least with Jcrew, one can return in store and exchange the pieces! BTW, love the gingham shirt - so versatile! Good luck for the shoppping next time!:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  11. What a bummer about things not really working out when you went shopping! I went to find some jeans on Thursday and I tried on about 20 pairs of them, and NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY FIT. Therefore, I am swearing off jeans and only going to be living in my ponte pants, leggings + tunics, and dresses/skirts. Also, I really love how this outfit looks with the button up underneath the dress :)

  12. Oh man, I hate when online orders don't work out, especially because the prices are always so much better! As for the gingham shirt and ordering an item similiar to what you already have, if the new item is better, then I'd understand it as a replacement but if you have other things you'd rather like instead, I'd say you made a good choice in returning it :). You are the queen of dress layering. Seriously. I need to find great layering dresses like yours.


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