Monday, September 29, 2014

September Budget

1. The Limited lace front sweater: originally $60, on promotion $19
2. Forever 21 classic woven joggers: $23
3. Apt. 9 Two-Piece heels: originally $60, on sale $40 - coupons & store credit = $5
4. Forever 21 woven fringe scarf: $5

= $52

I haven't yet worn the lace sweater but I'm going to make myself do it this week or return it. It's just so pretty that I don't want to ruin it! I've been on the fence about joggers for the past year, but in the past month or two I've been on the hunt for a pair that would work for me, and I finally found that pair! I mentioned in August that these heels would probably make September's budget, and when they went on sale and I had coupons, it happened. The scarf was actually on my wishlist, so I feel fine with that. Plus, it was only $5. (I had store credit to burn at Forever 21, but I've included the prices in my budget since the store credit came from a previous item I had returned that wasn't included in previous month's budget.)

And then there may be some things waiting for me to make a decision on... 

Mossimo wedges: originally $35 - $10 store credit = $25
Chinese Laundry suede wedge: originally $40 - $5 reward = $35
BCBG suede pump: originally $60 - $10 reward = $50
J. Crew Factory jeans: originally $80, on promotion for $28
The Limited gingham shirt: originally $50, on promotion for $16

Of the few pairs of booties I've had my eye on (1, 2, 3), these seem like the best option. I'd like to think they will work through fall and even into winter with skirts and tights. I'm probably going to pass on the navy wedges. Even though I have had navy wedges on my list for more than a year, they're more than I want to spend for navy wedges. I love the fuchsia heels, but again, the price is steep. The jeans are a great deal, and they fit well (most of the time) but they need to be hemmed. And who knows how much that will run. The shirt is such a perfect fit, and I love gingham, but do I really need another shirt? If I were to keep 4 of 5 of these things, I'd run up an entire month's budget. I was also hoping to get a replacement pair of cognac boots, a chunky sweater cardigan, and a berry puff vest this winter, but with two more shopping months, it's clear to see I'm not going to get everything I want. (wahn wahn)

Any advice? How'd you do this month?

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  1. Ugh, budgets. Why can't money just grow on trees? Haha. I like what you got this month. It seems like a good mix of basics and fun purchases. I'm thinking of purchasing some black booties this quarter and I like those wedge ones that you found!

  2. Love all of these items!! Your fashion sense is on point, seriously. I was scrolling through your posts and love your style! I followed you via blog lovin' and GFC so I won't miss a post now! If you want, you should stop by and follow along as well! :)

  3. I don't think I spent too much this month, but I did a terrible job of keeping track. I meant to sit down and figure it out this weekend, but then I was too busy reading my book! I do love those navy wedges and fuchsia pumps, but I'd be hesitant about the price (and how frequently do you think you'd be able to wear them? especially the fuchsia ones. I'd encourage you to keep the jeans, but that's because I have trouble finding jeans that fit well. And I'd also encourage you to keep the gingham shirt, because I just love it.

  4. Ugggh..I am totally trying to save up for a car and I'm really trying to figure out what I *need* and what I want. For example: I totally thought that I wanted/had to have these amazing pink shoes. I also realized that my basic black pumps are getting pretty worn. I decided to go with the cheaper and more basic black shoes because the pink were so gorgeous but expensive and i couldn't justify them.

  5. I really like the Mossimo wedges. I see them going with a lot of things you own. I haven't figure out how much I spent this month yet.

  6. I just bought the Mossimo wedges and I love them, they work well with pants, jeans or dresses/skirts plus I love the way the decorative buckle and zipper on the side looks.

  7. Another budgeting blogger had good things to say about the CL wedges. I've been looking for a nice pair of suede wedges. You got some fantastic deals too!

  8. Oh man though, those navy wedges are so pretty, and I bet you could wear them with a lot. I want to see you wear that lace sweater!

  9. I seriously love those heels you got! And in regards to your wish list, I like the booties the best. The other pairs of shoes are super cute, but they do seem a bit steep, especially for non basic items. I don't think hemming is too much money. Probably about $10 so you'd have to figure out if that is worth is versus how good the fit is. Unless the fit is perfect, I can see why you might want to pass on them!

  10. Ooh! I can't wait to see how you wear that lace front sweater!
    Your wishlist items are all pretty amazing--I love those berry-colored pumps, and you know I love me some CL wedges.

  11. First off, those heels are amazing. Not too high and the shape of them look like they'd be walkable, for a little while anyway. They will go with anything and could probably be worn with tights since the toes are closed. As for what you have your eye on, all those shoes are gorgeous. I've been wanting a pair of black wedge booties, the ones with the laces on the front, but wonder how much wear I'll get out of them if it's too cold to not wear tall boots. The pair you picked looks gorgeous and they'd go with everything. I'd keep watching for those sales!

  12. I could really see you getting a lot of use out of the navy wedges though! They're such a great neutral. The booties are a really good choice too - the ankle height looks like they'd work for different cuts of jeans and definitely for skirts too, but I feel like Target does tend to run pretty good clearance deals on their boots so if you decide to pass on them, I would just keep monitoring them in the store and online to try to catch them on sale! :)

  13. I really love that lace front shirt you got, Kate! I bet it will work well for teaching AND on weekends as well! :) And I definitely recommend keeping the jeans and hemming them - even though it would add additional cost, good-fitting jeans are hard to come by. I say go for it!!


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