Monday, September 22, 2014

pencil skirts are not the problem

Publicly tossing aside pencil skirts in favor of a-line skirts has caused me do some thinking. Why did say I have no desire to wear pencil skirts? Is it really an issue of comfort, or is there something deeper to discover? (Answer: there's always something to uncover.) 

Pause for a story: I recently went to J. Crew Factory to return this dress because it was too tight in the sleeves. Such a bummer. While I was there, I couldn't help but notice the "additional 60% off" signs in the clearance section, so obviously, I perused. I didn't have anything on my list, but I noticed this skirt -- for less than $20. With some time to kill, I tried it on. And guess what? I loved the way it fit. 

So what's the moral of this story? Don't judge a book by it's cover? Try things on before you dismiss them? J. Crew Factory can have some amazing deals sometimes? While all of things might be true, I think the important thing I learned is that there's nothing inherently wrong with pencil skirts. The problem I have is with pencil skirts that don't fit well. But guess what? There's a relatively easy fix for that. Try another store. And guess what? It worked. 

I'll show you the skirt later this week since it's skirt week (hosted by Andi and Inge)! But in the mean time, ignore my food baby and link up your skirt outfits with Andi and Inge!

Popover: J. Crew Factory | exact
Necklace: Forever 21 | option, option
Belt: came with Target skirt | option
Skirt: The Limited | similar,  very similar
Wedges: via Payless | option


  1. The color of this skirt looks great on you. I have always been a fan of pencil skirts and I agree that not all pencil skirts are created equal.


  2. Oooh I can't wait to see this awesome skirt! I actually really like the pink one you're wearing - it seems to fit you well. I guess it really is all about the fit of the clothes. As I've gotten older I realize how it really is worth paying a little more for a good fit (not that you paid more, but you know what I mean). Yay for skirt week!

  3. It really is all about fit with pencil skirts. I have a few that nip in a bit too much at the waist and so they don't get much wear. This is adorable though! I like how it looks with the stripes! You have great taste in shoes, too (I'm wearing the same ones with my skirt tomorrow)!

  4. Maybe I should just, "try another store" to see if I can find a pencil skirt. I've tried on some pretty horrible ones in the past that made me avoid them. I know we have completely different shapes, so I can't assume this particular style would even look good on me, but this one looks great on you!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  5. Hooray for the JCF skirt! My reddish skirt is that same style, and I really like it. It does get a bit wrinkly, but I suspect a black skirt wont show wrinkles as much. And I do love this hot pink skirt - you and Inge are almost twins today!

  6. That skirt really does fit you beautifully! I went through something similar in recent weeks after wearing a very spandexy pencil skirt. A few days later, I tried on a pencil skirt at Target, and it was like magic--it fit perfectly. So I totally agree with you--you just gotta try it on!

  7. J.Crew Factory is where I get all of my pencil skirts -- most flattering and best prices!

  8. Oh my gosh, I am such a huge believer in trying it on even if you think it won't work. I've surprised myself many times this way. I also forced my mom to try on EVERYthing in her closet with this mindset. She kind of hated me for a few hours, but she found some gems in the bunch. Also, the color of those wedges is pretty much perfect.

  9. You look great in this outfit! And such a good point to not give up on a particular fit - just try it in other brands. It's so easy to have favorite places to shop, that I don't think I would've thought to branch out a bit. Nice find!

  10. I go back and forth about pencil skirts too. Sometimes I think they are flattering and work for me, but sometimes they are riding up and making my hips look even wider than they already are! But I definitely think fit and the style make a huge difference. I love how you've worn yours here! Pink pencil skirts for the win!

  11. I love the color of that skirt. It is almost identical to the color of the tee I am wearing in my current post, paired with a skirt of course. You look so teacher-chic!

    P.S. Too bad about that awesome gray dress. Such a beautiful, classic piece.

  12. Ahh I hate when things we love don't fit right! So glad to hear the skirt worked for you though! I like how I look in pencil skirts but I just don't love how they limit my walking and are a little dressy for my lifestyle. For those like you who can wear them to work, they feel powerful and feminine at the same time. I always feel like I can take on the world in a pencil skirt.


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