Friday, September 19, 2014

not sweatpants

"Are you wearing sweatpants?"
"No. They're joggers. AKA dressy track pants. AKA slouchy dress pants."
"Since when do you wear sweatpants to school?"
"They're not sweatpants. And it's okay because I've got heels to balance the look."
"And is that a military jacket on your chair? Are you trying to go for a Kanye West look? Wasn't he the one that made sweatpants popular?"
"They're not sweatpants! They're not made of cotton! And this is what all the girls are wearing."
"Yeah, to New York Fashion Week last year. It's okay, though, you enjoy your sweatpants."
"They're not sweatpants!"

This was a conversation that happened between me and one of my colleagues. I don't pay attention to Kanye West, and especially not to what he wears, so I had no idea what my colleague was talking about. (Although I was impressed that he knew what people were wearing to NYFW, let alone what NYFW even is!)

Whatever you call these things, they're pretty awesome. I've been on the fence about them for such a long time, but in the past few weeks I decided I was going to pull the trigger and try them out. I was just waiting for these to get to a reasonable price (which still hasn't happened yet). So I looked to the best place to try out trendy items: Forever 21. And that's exactly where I found these joggers. Stupid name, yes, let's move on. I also picked up this scarf while I was there. $5?! Store credit to use up? Don't mind if I do! Anyway, I wore them with my nude heels for office hours, but then slipped into my Birkenstocks afterwards for research time. So. Much. Research.

Tee: SO via Kohl's | option
Scarf: Forever 21 | exact - only $5! (and it comes in other colors!)
Nails: Revlon Colorstay gel envy in Wild Card | exact
Fancy Track Pants (aka joggers): Forever 21 | exact
Birkenstocks via DSW | exact


  1. Your conversation cracks me up! I think that is the reason I haven't jumped on the jogger trend yet. I really want to, though. You are definitely pulling it off!

  2. That conversation is hilarious! I've heard people arguing that these aren't appropriate for work, but they'd definitely be fine in my office. I had a co-worker who showed up sometimes in legit sweatpants with cargo pockets. And another lady always wore those swishy wind pants on Fridays. Casual Friday, I guess! Anyway, I think they are cute on you!

  3. Look at you in your trendy pants! I really do love them. I totally would have tried the trend out if it hadn't been for the enormous belly. I agree that F21 is the perfect place to try trendy clothing. And your co-worker sound hilarious!

  4. You look fantastic! I've been on the fence about joggers, mostly because I know you need to wear heels to pull them off and I generally do not want to wear heels. But you may have just convinced me otherwise, because they look great with your birks!

  5. I think they look super cute on everyone I see in them, but haven't pulled the trigger yet myself. That is so funny your colleague said all that. They look great on you!

  6. I love these. :) I found a really inexpensive pair at Walmart and the price made me willing to give them a try. So comfortable!

  7. I just ordered some joggers too! Pants that double as work pants and comfy pants are definitely a winner in my book. And yes, what a terrible name for them. They definitely AREN'T made for jogging, so why JOGgers? Why?! I ordered mine from Old Navy, but they're on back order until next week. And this jumping picture of you just made my morning :)

  8. You are so dang cute. Seriously. I LOVE these photos of you, especially the jumping one! And I love that you wore your Birks with them!

    So, I just realized that last year, I bought this pair of fitted trendy "joggers" (GAG EW - THAT NAME) at Old Navy, but strictly for lounging in. But, I keep seeing them in blogs with sneakers and tees and vests and jackets and stuff, so now I wonder if I should whip them out for a weekend outfit?? AH! Trends are hard.

  9. hahah, "are joggers fancy sneakers?" thanks for enlightening me to the ways of modern trends, who even knew what these pants were! everyone but me i guess! i wish i would have seen the version of you in the heels but i quite like them with birks!

  10. Oh man, that conversation you had with your colleague is hilarious! Those pants look insanely comfy!

  11. That is a funny conversation. Men are funny when it comes to fashion. I am super impressed he knows about NYFW however and I love your new, awesome pants!


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