Wednesday, September 10, 2014

an a-line affair

I have absolutely no desire to wear pencil skirts these days. And why should I? A-line skirts are pretty much the best thing ever, at least for my body type. I'm one of those people who eats a brownie and it shows the next day. And by "shows", I mean, "causes thighs to expand 3 inches". Yet I'm surprised devastated when I go to put on a pencil skirt and I feel like I'm cramming a croissant sandwich into a sandwich size zip-lock bag (which, for the record, takes two people to do). I'm honestly over feeling like crap for not being able to fit into my clothes. So while I'm not "consciously uncoupling" from pencil skirts, I am allowing myself to wear my a-lines as much as I want without feeling bad. Is there a style or cut of clothing that you have been loving lately?


red blouse: J. Crew | very similar
black long-sleeve tee: SO via Kohl's | similar
elephant necklace: Forever 21 | option, option
striped skirt: The Limited | option, love this one
black flats: Mossimo via Target | exact

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  1. Thank goodness I'm not the only other person who is in love with a-lines as of late. I've been ditching my usual pencil skirts in favor for flouncier bottoms for work.

  2. I am a pencil skirt at heart kind of gal but lately have been loving the midi full skirt. I really do the feminine touch it gives.

    Hope you will join me in my first link up along with a giveaway tomorrow.


  3. I've been crushing on my dresses for that reason, and no shift dresses for that matter. Why stifle the tummy region when you don't have to? Perfect reason to wear a-line skirts. This one is really cute too! I love the lighter color on the bottom and darker colors on top.

  4. I'm with you! I'm so sick of my pencil skirts (so why do I have so many?!) I know a-line skirts would be better for my shape but all the ones I've tried so far are not flattering, so I have to keep looking for the right fit. I really like this one on you, and it looks great with the black and red!

  5. Whenever I figure out a style/fit of clothing that always looks good on me I fee like the heavens are opening and I can hear the angels singing. When it feels that good and looks this cute, keep ignoring those pencil skirts!

  6. Really pretty look! I like the combination of white dark and red! Really nicely paired!

  7. My graphic t-shirt have been loving me. I say wear what makes you feel happy.

  8. Okay, I really love this look! I'm really loving skirts with elastic waistbands at the moment, because they just fit even if I've gained a few pounds (which always goes directly to my waist)!

  9. Did I comment? It disappeared on me. Dangit.

    Let's see if I can remember my ramblings. One, I know you've sported the tee over a blouse look before, but it blows my mind every time because it's so genius. I really need to remember this idea. I am in love with that elephant necklace; I feel about elephants the way you feel about bears. Life goal? Ride an elephant. I presume riding a bear wouldn't end well for you, so I discourage adding that to your bucket list. Also, the colors in this outfit POP. So perfect.

  10. I also love A line skirts because they're by far the most flattering cut on me. Pencil skirts don't work well for a girl with a big bum like me :)

    Red and black together is just perfect, by the way!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  11. I love a-line skirts, and this striped one is so cute!

    I hope you have a great rest of your week!


  12. Yes! I mentioned my reluctance to wear pencil skirts in my post yesterday. My bottom half is definitely my problem area, so A-line skirts are pretty much the best thing ever, in my opinion.
    The skirt you're wearing here is exactly what I'm looking for to replace my striped pencil skirt--I'll have to check out your links!

  13. A-line skirts are the BEST!! I WISH I could find more than I liked that fit nicely. I have an 11in difference between my waist and hip measurements so sometimes wider skirts just accentuate my hips in a very unflattering way. This little striped number you have on is just perfect! It looks insanely comfy and also super cute. I love it!

  14. girl, this outfit is so dang cute. I've been shying away from the two a-line skirts I have, but...I may need to bust them out because like you said, they are so much more comfortable!

  15. I am currently doing a 30 for 30 challenge and included 4 skirts: 2 pencil ones, a tulip one and an a-line one. I definitely reach for the full, a-line skirt more though I know pencil skirts look very good on me. Your outfit is really cute. I loved catching up with you and I'd love to hear your thoughts on how I am doing with my remix challenge. Thanks.

    Have a Fantastic Weekend!!

    P.S. Loved the sandwich inside a zip-lock bag philosophy. =P

  16. I LOVE THIS. I don't even own any pencil skirts anymore, because they suck on my body hardcore. A-lines (especially those with elastic waists) are my jam these days. I love this skirt, I love the tee-over-blouse combo that you always pull off so well, and I love the color scheme. You're so adorable!


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