Thursday, August 7, 2014

this is me

Sometimes I put unnecessary pressure on myself as a personal style blogger to come up with an amazing outfit. Doing this frequently results in an outfit that does not feel "me". Instead, I feel uncomfortable and my entire day goes to waste. I fixate on the outfit, and that inevitably turns to questioning why I'm in graduate school instead of in a cubicle or a corner office or an ideal world for that matter.

This summer, I've made a conscious effort to fill my life with more positive energy and eliminate as much negative energy as I can. Swimming and biking have been great for this. In terms of style, wearing outfits that are actually me is key. Getting dressed does not go without some trial and error because I'm still not entirely sure what me is. But I do know it when I see it, and when this outfit came together, I said to myself, this is me.

Tee: Forever 21 [option]
Necklace: J. Crew Factory [similar in red]
Skirt: H&M [option, option - both under $25]
Sandals: via Target [exact]


  1. I think we are always learning things about are self. I true love this simple outfit.

  2. Ah! I loved the tied shirt. Why am I so obsessed with those lately? And that necklace is edgy yet feminine. How does that even happen? I ran into the same hurdle with this blogging stuff and then I said, "to hell with it! I do what I want!" I hear some lady in LOFT the other day say, "can I get these stripes? Will they make me look fat?" I laughed and said, "I don't buy that rule. I think it'll look great, especially if it feels great." Look at me doling out advice to people who aren't asking me for it. I don't know where I was going with this comment. But, yeah, I love this outfit.

    1. I hearD some lady. I don't still hear her voice in my head. That'd be weird.

  3. So wise! I think my personal style is always evolving, but I am getting better at being true to myself. My true self does like trying crazy things sometimes, but I'm learning which crazy things are still me, and which are just not.

    I like this outfit a lot! It's simple (in a good way) and classic!

  4. That is true! I like trying new trends or pieces out to expand my personal style, but it's important to stay true to yourself and feel comfortable in what you are wearing!

  5. Yes, this is totally the way to go! I cannot tell you how many times I tried something because I thought I should be "trying harder" and then I felt uncomfortable all day. I've been trying to pay more attention to the outfits that I love to figure out what the key is. You look adorable, by the way, I love this pretty necklace!

  6. always best to be true to yourself, and this looks great on you sweets!

  7. What a great look! So simple and sweet. Stay true to you!

    Alysia Ave

  8. Good for you removing negativity and pressure to yourself. Perfect comfy and chic outfit!


  9. I adore this outfit - it's simple and fun, and looks so comfortable. I firmly believe that we feel better when we look our best, and it's clear that you felt so at ease in this outfit. I love that you're trying to focus on what YOU want to wear - honestly, these are my favorite kinds of outfits. Tons of bloggers that I used to follow just looked like they were trying too hard to look like a catalog model or to really push the envelope of fashion, and it really turns me off. Most of the people I've unfollowed over the past threeish years fall into that category. I've been following your blog for years now, too, and I don't think I'll ever not love you - you're the real deal, lady!! :)

  10. i struggle with this a lot! dressing the way i think i should dress based on how others at work dress... but i always feel much happier when i dress in what i am used to wearing to work, even if i get comments about the height of my heels or if i am the only female wearing a skirt. thanks for this great post and reminder to continue to dress true to myself!

    btw, i love this dainty statement necklace, that shade of blue is quickly become a favorite of mine!


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