Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August Budget

1. Golden Goddess Necklace via Groopdealz: $13
2. J. Crew Factory brass and crystals pendant necklace: originally $55, on promotion $19
3. Forever 21 safari stud set: $2.50
4. Forever 21 hippo pendant necklace: $2.50
5. Forever 21 cutout elephant necklace: $2.50
6. Birkenstock Arizona Flat Sandals via DSW: $90 - $90 store credit = $0
7. J. Crew Factory love collector tee: originally $37, on promotion $15
8. Forever 21 green pendant necklace: $6
9. [not pictured] chevron necklace from random restaurant gift shop: $11

= $161.50 - $90 DSW store credit = $71.50

Ridiculous, I know. Forever 21 was offering free shipping with a $21 purchase, and I found a coupon code for an additional 15% off, so obviously I gave in and bought a bunch of cheap jewelry. I've been looking for a few simpler gold pieces, and these ended up working nicely. I am cutting myself off of new jewelry until the end of the year. Well, unless this necklace makes its way to the clearance rack. (I know it's ridiculous, but I not-so-secretly like it.)

In July, I mentioned I had my eye on a pair of Birkenstocks, since my feet were aching from Target sandals. I ordered both the Arizonas and the Mayaris, but settled on the Arizonas. I liked the look of the Mayaris, but the thinner strips seemed like they wouldn't hold up as well over time. Plus, the Arizonas just felt more like me. I've worn them so much over the past couple weeks (including the zoo and the pier) that I am very happy with my purchase. (And having store credit to pay for them made me even happier.)

I ordered the tee on a whim to qualify for free shipping. It was love at first sight (ha ha). It fit perfectly, and then I wore it to the zoo. And to see my parents. And to walk around downtown with my husband's family. I recently spoke to buying and wearing things that are more "me". I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl at heart, and I'm trying to find a way to translate this into my daily outfits.

As for things I purchased that didn't work out... 
- The Forever 21 online order was initiated because of this top. I don't know what to say. I just didn't love it when it arrived. So back it went (or goes, as it's still sitting on my desk).
- After such great luck with my blue ponte dress from J. Crew Factory, I ordered this ponte dress, hoping for repeat success. It fit terribly. It was too tight on the arms, too small across the shoulders and back, etc. I didn't really like the feel of it either, so I wasn't motivated to exchange it for a larger size.

Already planning next month's budget...
- I have my eye on a few things, including three pieces from The Limited (this top, this shirt, and this blouse). I also really like this blouse from J. Crew Factory which is similar to the blouse from The Limited, so I'll have to see which I like more (and which fits better).
- I'd like to add another vest to my collection for this fall. I love this one -- it just needs to go on sale!
- Jeans. I need a decent, adult-looking, well-fitting pair. I'm ready to splurge, which leaves little wiggle room for anything else. But that doesn't mean I'm not still interested in other things... 
- Heels. I may put a $10 coupon towards these. I also have a $10 coupon which may go towards these. I also feel like zebra print heels (like these, but an inch shorter) may be in my future.
- But absolutely no scarves and no jewelry (if I can help it).

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  1. Love all the jewelry you got. I actually find a forever 21 here in Germany but didn't get to go in to it.

  2. That elephant necklace is so cute! I love all your jewelry. Sometimes I go through months when I want all the accessories then go months without buying any. The heels you are deciding between are adorable. All of them!

  3. I'm SO SO jealous of your new J.Crew tee. I have been eyeing it forever but just couldn't justify buying it since I already own so many language-themed (mostly French) graphic tees. I really think I'll regret not getting this one, though. I will just have to live vicariously through you!

  4. animal jewelry is so fun! I wish I had seen that deal at F21 (or I guess I should be glad I didn't see it).

  5. I got the same necklace from GroopDealz this month too! I also had a very jewelry-heavy month. I really like all the items you got :)

  6. #6 & #7 i am all about!

    xo Jessica

  7. Such pretty pieces from F21. You did great. =)

  8. Those animal studs and necklaces are too perfect for you! I need to cut myself off from buying jewelry as well--I've been sucked into buying a few too many necklaces over the past month.

  9. You bought a lot of jewelry this month! I love that you are going to try not to buy anymore next month (scarves are my weakness too!). I'm glad to hear you like your Birkenstocks. I know you had been wanting them for awhile now.

  10. I love everything you picked! Some of my favorite jewelry pieces have been F21 cheapies. I have this delicate bow necklace that I wear all the time that came from there. It's so dainty and cute. I love it. I also love your "love" tee.

  11. I really like Forever 21's jewelry. It's held up just as long as my more expensive jewelry, and I like that you can basically find any type of jewelry there :) I'm so glad you got some Birks, too! I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my leopard print Birks last year. They were SO comfy and adorable...what was I thinking?!


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