Friday, July 4, 2014

subtle patriotism

Happy Independence Day! If you just realized you don't have an outfit for today, never fear! I've put together three different looks. They might not be the typical 4th of July outfit, but they celebrate the day in style! 

Outfit 1: A blue and white striped top with a red scarf fulfills the Americana color quota, and keeps you cool as the day carries on. I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit to go out and watch the fireworks.

Scarf: souvenir from Spain (option)
Old Navy Striped Top (option, option)
Apt. 9 via Kohl's Shorts (option)

Outfit 2: A slightly more dressier option, for those who may not have the luxury of spending the day next to the grill or out on the beach.

J. Crew Factory Striped Oxford Popover
Tommy Hilfiger Skirt (similar, similar)
Gap Ballet Flats (save, splurge)

Outfit 3: My husband said to me that nothing about my outfit looked 4th of July-y. I replied, "Au contraire, my friend, my necklace is the firework necklace."

Crystal Cluster Firework Necklace (same style)
Old Navy Twill 5" Shorts (similar)

What are you wearing today? Are you decked out in red, white, and blue, or do you prefer the more subtle approach?


  1. Um, I'm pretty sure you're right about that one! That necklace looks EXACTLY like fireworks! That is so cool!

    Happy 4th! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love them all but my favorite one is the second one!

    Come by soon!


  3. Ok, first of all, I put together 3 outfits and then wondered why I didn't do 4 for the 4th but I am glad I'm in good company! And I have that same necklace and wore it for exactly the same reason! Love all 3, but I really like the second one! I could see myself wearing it year round!

  4. That is totally a fireworks necklace! Also, I was wondering when we'd see the short-sleeve sweatshirt! I was almost tempted today to get it, but talked myself out of it because I just bought a short-sleeve top in almost the same exact shade of grey and figured I didn't need two.

  5. I'm wearing my PJs today! Yay for a day off!

  6. i think all of these outfits could definitely pass as patriotic ensembles! i like that they're not your typical red/white/blue but definitely give the feeling that you are giving a nod toward the holiday. that necklace definitely resembles fireworks in my eyes!

  7. The second outfit is SO cute! I really like that striped popover, and a nice button-front a-line skirt always makes me happy! I wound up wearing a navy/white striped shirt, denim shorts, and navy sneakers for the 4th, but changed into workout gear after lunch to go on a bike ride with Kevin's family and never took it off for the rest of the day, ha! We had a super casual 4th, if you couldn't tell...

  8. All great looks! I think I like the first one the best--definitely would suit my Fourth celebration dress code :)
    Hope you had a happy holiday weekend!

  9. Hope you got to enjoy some fireworks this weekend! Your fireworks necklace is so fun.


  10. Lovely xxx
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  11. All three outfits are really cute but I love the last one the most! Pink and grey go so well together- I had no idea :)
    Hope you had a nice 4th of July!

  12. These are great options! I usually go for the more subtle approach, but this year my nieces peer pressured me into wearing a flag scarf!

  13. I was definitely decked out in red, white, and blue but my blue was denim so it wasn't too patriotic flag looking. Lol. I love your "firework" necklace. Clever thinking ;)


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