Wednesday, July 2, 2014

some new additions

I just got back from visiting with family for a week. The highlight of the trip was getting to spend time with my baby niece-- she is so precious, and I can't wait to see her again! I also enjoyed being able to spend some time with my mom at a nearby outlet mall. I wasn't tempted by anything I had seen in the first few stores we went into, but it was fine since I got a pretzel earlier. As we were entering J. Crew Factory, my mom said to me that she really wanted to buy me something other than a baked good. Well, why didn't you say so sooner?

I walked through the store with an open mind and open eyes for anything that drew my attention. I promised myself I would only go home with something if I really loved it and if I could see myself wearing it in the next few days.

I almost went home with this dress, but I just couldn't see it getting much wear in the fall or winter. I also tried on this skirt, but it was too short. These shorts were too tight in the thighs, and this tee plunged too low. I was hoping to try on this peplum top, this baseball sweater, and this scallop dress, but none of these items were available in my size in the store.

While it may seem like I didn't have a lot of luck on this shopping adventure, I consider it a big win. As I mentioned on Friday, I went home with a great popover and pair of shorts (for less than $25!). I was hoping to wear the two together to Taco Tuesday, but the high temperature pushed me to wear this tank instead. After seeing these pictures, I wish I would have opted for the popover-- it would have done a much better job of hiding my food baby!

Tank: The Limited | savespend, splurge
Shorts: J. Crew Factory (c/o Mom) | exact
Sandals: Merona via Target | exact


  1. oh wow, those are a lot lighter than the picture on their website implied! I still haven't gotten mine in the mail. I'm not sure that light yellow will look good with my pale skin. J.Crew Factory has some trouble with color accuracy on the website (like my final sale "red" skirt that is actually pretty orange).

    And YAY for spending time with family! I'm flying out today to see mine for a week. So excited. But my mom never tries to buy me stuff- bummer!

  2. I like those shorts on you! I saw that scallop dress online and it is so cute! Glad you had a nice week visiting with family!

  3. I was just at JCF yesterday and was pretty tempted by this top even though it's not really my style at all. I walked away from it, but I'm still thinking about it now!

  4. Umm this outfit is perfect. That tank looks amazing on you! Food baby? I see none. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. Also, you look SO dang happy in this photo and it makes me happy. Something contagious I don't mind catching. When we were at the outlets in Myrtle, I went into JCF, but nothing caught my eye. As usual, it was LOFT who nailed it. I keep staring at that popover, however. I'm sad I didn't get it now. Ho hum.

  5. LOL. Food baby. I can't even see it. That tank is very cute with the shorts though. I hope you get to see your family again soon!

  6. I really like this bright outfit! It's something a little unexpected while still looking Totally awesome. Sorry to hear about all the JCF items that didn't work out!

  7. Ooh, Kate! I really like this outfit. Your tan skin looks so great with the white and yellow - jealoussss. And I'm so happy you got to spend some good quality time with your family (and niece! Ah!!!) :)


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