Friday, July 18, 2014

coral + floral

I wore this outfit recently when I visited with family, and again on a mini shopping excursion. It didn't cross my mind to pair the blue and white floral scarf with the coral tee until they managed to find themselves next to one another in my suitcase. I liked the combination so much, I wore it to make some returns and get away from the burden of research (by shopping!). Details of the trip below.

Scarf: H&M [option]
Tee: Gap [similar]
Earrings: The Limited [exact]
Belt: Old Navy [exact]
Pants: Apt. 9 via Kohl's [similar]
Sandals: via Target [exact]

As I said I would, I returned the swing tunic, but stayed to peruse J. Crew Factory's additional 60% off clearance items. I was tempted by so many things. I tried on this polka dot skirt, but it felt too juvenile on me. I couldn't see myself wearing it but a couple times a summer. I tried on this shirt (in french blue), but it didn't fit well. I also thought it was too similar to my new popover, even if it was only $12. The v-neck tees were the most tempting at $4 a pop, but the v was just too deep for me. I wouldn't likely wear it outside the house, and I don't need any more tees to wear around the house. I left empty handed.

After seeing these scallop shorts online, I really wanted to try them on in person. They didn't look cute on me. They reminded me of a pair of black pajama pants I once had that I cut up for a pirate-themed party. Immediate pass. I also tried on some jeans; I'm on a mission this fall to find one outstanding pair of jeans. The main criteria is that they can't be skinny, and need to be a medium to medium-dark wash. The real straight jeans looked awkward on my calves, and the perfect boot were too light (no dark washes in my size). I passed on both; the $12 price tag didn't sway me in the slightest. I did find an adorable scarf on clearance that I couldn't pass up, however. (I can't find it online, but I'm sure you'll see it on the blog soon).

With a birthday coupon in hand, I felt confident that I would find something at The Limited. And I did find a sleeveless top (which I can't find online) and a pair of jeans. I liked the jeans much more than the ones I tried on at Gap, but they weren't perfect. I think I'll have to give the Matchstick jeans from JCF another try.

It's been two weeks since my birthday, and I've barely picked into my birthday present funds. Do you have an easy time spending birthday money? Or do you prefer to save it?

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  1. How did I miss your birthday!? Well, happy late birthday! Birthday money is weird. I very rarely got monetary gifts when I was growing up, but my grandparents-in-law are very much into sending checks and gift cards, which is kind of awesome. I used to just put the money in the bank and not really think about it, but last year, I decided it would go into my clothing budget, because they intend for it to be a gift to me! The outlet mall opened about a month after my birthday last fall, so I saved my birthday money for that and spent it all in one trip! It was really fun to go on a little shopping spree.

    Aaaand, I love the coral with cobalt. Funny how suitcase placement can inspire!

  2. I used to spend birthday money very quickly, but lately, as I've been much more picky about what I purchase, my spending habits have drastically decreased. I've been shopping multiple times with friends and haven't tried on anything! Good thing since I'm not spending any of my own money on clothing these days...haha :) I still really love that scarf, by the way - the blues are so pretty!

  3. It sounds like you are being a super smart shopper with this birthday money! I usually find that when I want to go shopping, I don't find much I like or that fits. It's always when I'm NOT trying to shop that everything is perfect haha. Also, I LOVE this outfit, the colors are fantastic, so glad they wound up next to each other in your suitcase!

  4. I don't think I've spent my birthday money from last year! I like to hoard it until I find something just right. Good for you for not settling for jeans that were just ok. I have done that way too many times and then after a few months they end up in the donation pile. I really like the cobalt and coral together here. I think I am going to have to try that color combo soon!

  5. haha i had the same reaction to scalloped shorts! I absolutely love the idea of them, but wearing them is a totally different beast ;)


  6. I lover you style! love how you styled these colors and love those target sandals. I keep wanting to get them, but I can never find my size. Thanks for sharing!

    A Joyful Kind of Life

  7. Jeans really are the hardest thing to shop for aren't they? I remember Old Navy had a crazy good sale a while back, and I must have tried on ten pairs of jeans--not one fit right. Even if they were cheap, they weren't worth spending a penny if I didn't like the fit!
    Love this combination of coral and cobalt--I will definitely have to try that for myself.

  8. looooove this! and i love when random items find their way together in my ironing pile or in my closet or suitcase, it's always refreshing to come up with different outfit combinations that way, like it was meant to be!

  9. I really like the combo of the pink tee and blue scarf. Such an unexpected combo!

    I ordered a white tee from JCF once and it was so sheer, I was disappointed. Are the tees you linked too pretty sheer?

  10. Ohhh too bad so many cute pieces didn't work out for you. The scarf you are wearing is my favorite you own. I love it with coral., Kate.


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