Wednesday, June 11, 2014


How to achieve the library-chic look:

Step 1: Toss hair up in messy bun or ponytail. Optional: put pencil in bun.

Step 2: Throw on a pair of comfy pants. Since leggings are not pants, leggings are out of the question. Plus, you don't want to end up looking like every other female undergrad.

Step 3: Pick your favorite button up shirt. And then roll up the sleeves. Nothing shows that you mean business like rolled up sleeves.

Step 4: Add a scarf. Rolled up sleeves show that you're serious, but it can also put you at risk of getting cold. A scarf can help keep you warm, and at the very least, add some interest to the outfit.

Step 5: Put on fun flats or sandals. Skip the sneakers. We're going for library-chic here.

Chambray: Old Navy | exact
Scarf: H&M | exact (now only $7!)
Exact Stretch Pants: The Limited | exact
Sandals: Mossimo via Target | exact

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  1. Perfect look for getting down to business at the library! You are (almost) making me wish I was back in grad school! ;)

  2. In this outfit, you're a girl after my own heart. I love the real-life look. My hair looks like that about 90% of my time awake (when I'm not at work, I guess...). It's the best!

  3. I like this library chic look and my favorite are those sandals!

    -Rosy @ A Joyful Kind of Life

  4. I love this! I've been wearing my black jeans and chambray a lot lately. I really like how you kicked it up a bit with the sandals and scarf!

  5. ahahaha...yet another reason to like you. That scarf is such a lovely print. Blue and white make such a crisp, fresh combination. (It sounds like I'm talking about food, and now I'm hungry for blueberries and mozzarella.) This outfit is inspiring me with some items from my closet. I do believe I'll have to pin the look.

  6. Hahaha, yep, this is a great outfit! I lived in outfits like this in grad school...and now in the summer, I've been wearing similar iterations of it as well! I agree with you about the rolled up sleeves - that's basically the only way that I wear my button ups :)

  7. Haha! I love the run down, but this is seriously a cute and comfortable outfit.

  8. This is really cute! I don't think I've ever worn a scarf with a button shirt. Not sure why I haven't thought of it!

  9. Cute librarian chic look! Wished I had the hair to pull off the messy bun.


  10. I'm a librarian, and I would wear that too...and hopefully be mistaken for a student! =)

  11. Cute outfit, cute title, cute post. This outfit reminds me a little on the one I did a few days ago with the polka dot chambray, green jeans and green floral scarf from The Limited that we both own. Except my outfit was "less messy", not as much a library student look lol.

    Gave you a shout-out on today's post. ;-) You're welcome!

  12. Hahahahaha I'm going to have to remember these rules! I follow rule number 1 any time I'm trying to concentrate on something because this unruly long hair causes much distraction! I like that you think outside of the box and skip the leggings and sneakers to look more polished and be better prepared for wherever the day takes you.


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