Friday, June 27, 2014

June Budget

I can't believe how quickly this month went by. I guess focusing more of my attention and energy to working out and researching kept me from spending too much time shopping! 

1. J. Crew Factory Textured Charley Sweater (in bright hydrangea): originally $60, on sale for $22.50
2. Old Navy Women's Printed-Jersey Pencil Skirt (in black stripe): originally $23, on sale for $17
3. J. Crew Factory Short-Sleeve Pocket Sweatshirt (in heather dusk): originally $60, on clearance for $17

= $56.50

Regarding these purchases... 
The short-sleeve sweatshirt has quickly become one of my favorite pieces. I've worn it around the house (a few days in a row now) and to the grocery store, and foresee it becoming my go-to for casual Friday. I know the striped skirt was an unnecessary purchase, but for how much my other striped skirt gets worn, I'm confident that this new one will prove itself to be a good purchase. The sweater was a splurge, but periwinkle is my favorite color-- I couldn't pass it up! Of course the sweater is cheaper now, so I'll see if I can't get a price adjustment. 

Re: items that didn't make it into this month's budget
I recently spent some time with family, and one of those days was spent at an outlet mall! My mom bought me this popover and these shorts (in brilliant yellow). I immediately wore the popover the next day out to dinner.

I was waffling over these flats after seeing them on Lilly, but I waffled too long and my size sold out before I knew it. I also had my eye on this t-shirt, but it sold out of my size (both in store and online) before I decided I would be willing to spend more than $10 on it. Oh well. If I get bored next month, I might try to make my own.

I'm not sure there's anything I'll be looking for in the month of July, but I'll have my eyes open since it is my birthday month and I already have some birthday money to spend. I'm still waiting for this top to go on super-sale (I'd spend $17 on it). I'll keep you posted if I get any other ideas in the mean time :)

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  1. The long sleeve sweater looks really great!
    I loved your dress week! So many nice dresses. Especially the last one looked so good on you!

  2. That short sleeve sweatshirt looks really comfortable! I really like the color of sweater you got and the two things your mom got you! Peter pan collar shirts are so cute. I would love one, too but I wouldn't want to spend that much either. Now that I think of it, I think there are collar necklaces. I wonder if I could sew one on a shirt or something?

  3. i bet you will definitely get a lot of wear out of that skirt! and it's it great when other things come up in life that prevent you from spending so much time shopping? haha.

  4. The color of that sweater is AMAZING. I love it! I think you'll get some great wear out of it :)

  5. That short-sleeve sweatshirt looks seriously comfortable. And the popover and shorts your mom got you are great, and I bet they look perfect worn together!

  6. So I just ordered those yellow shorts from JCF! I'm hoping they work, because I just love the idea of having some bright yellow shorts. And I approve the additional striped skirt. I like how the new one had thicker black lines. So, a totally different look! And Happy Birthday Month!! I hope you take advantage and celebrate as much as possible!

  7. All great purchases! I particularly love the periwinkle/hydrangea sweater. I bet it looks fantastic on you!

  8. Charley sweaters are hard to resist! They're practically perfect in every way. :)

  9. This month went by so fast! I was doing so good with not shopping this month until yesterday, the last day of the month, when my mom and I went shopping together :) You got some great items this month!

  10. You got 2 great tops and I love love the stuff your mom bought you. You should get those adorable cobalt sandals, also.

    So I thought of you because I am currently doing a Dress Week all week long. =)

    I haven't heard from you in a while, either. Hope all is well. =) Happy July, dear Kate!! Happy Birthday Month!! <3 Ada.

  11. Wow, good for you for only buying three items! Your will power makes me envious. I love that popover from JCF!


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