Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Budget

A busy month kept me from doing much shopping in the great outdoors, but it didn't stop me from browsing online. My mantra this month has been, "I need bottoms, not tops"; I've found myself saying it multiple times: on the blog, to some colleagues, and even to myself. Lo and behold, all of my purchases this month were skirts! 

1. Joe Fresh (via JCPenney) Print Mini Pencil Skirt: $40 [EDIT: RETURNED, Gifted by Mom = $0]
2. The Limited Collection Wide Band Pencil Skirt: originally $60, on promotion $23 [EDIT: RETURNED]
3. The Limited Pleat Front Dot Skirt: originally $60, on promotion $23 [EDIT: RETURNED]

= $0 [!!]

I haven't yet received the skirts from The Limited, so whether I keep them or not is up in the air. [EDIT: The polka dot skirt wrinkled too easily and was too light.]

I bought the Joe Fresh skirt in person, but it's not a perfect fit. I should probably go up a size, but they didn't have one in store, online, or in any nearby stores. But then again, if I lose the weight I put on over winter break, it should fit fine. (Unfortunately this concussion has put me out of commission and kept me from working out.) Also, I paid full price for it because I adored it so much and have been on the hunt for a versatile print skirt for months. Given that it's not a perfect fit, I'm not sure it's worth the price I paid. Decisions, decisions! [EDIT: My Mom bought the skirt in my size for me!]

As I mentioned in a previous post, I almost bought this top, but decided against it because I just didn't love it. I also bought this scarf, but ended up returning it because it was too short and too wide.

How did you do this month?

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  1. I love all three skirts! The patterned one is so pretty, but you're right that it might be worth returning if it doesn't fit right. It's too bad that the scarf didn't work out--I really love the chevron pattern!

  2. I love the skirts, and keep wanting to buy more, but it's still too darn cold around here to wear them. *sigh*

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  3. I love your skirts purchases. 1 & 2 are my faves especially 1.

  4. love the first skirt. I did great this month

  5. I feel like I should mail you my $10 off $25 to JCP! That skirt is so cute! The pattern caught my eye immediately. And the dot skirt is adorable, too!

  6. wow, that skirt is so cute! love it.

  7. I've been feeling the same way lately! Bottoms not tops! Unfortunately my April purchases don't reflect this as well as yours do!

  8. good for you for really focusing on what your closet needs and only buying those items. i keep saying to myself that i need more pants and short-sleeve blouses in preparation for warmer weather, so hopefully i can focus on only purchasing those items this month!

  9. Oooh, I'm smitten with your pleated dot skirt - darling! I have been buying bottoms and dresses lately as well...although I need tops desperately. I realized I only had about 8 short sleeved tops, so I recently went to Old Navy and bought four more tees to wear this summer. Whew!


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