Monday, March 10, 2014

black + tan

Because everyone loves a "5 random things" post... 

1. I haven't worn these heels in a long time. Today I remembered why. They make me feel like a baby giraffe.

2. Speaking of giraffes, my husband and I went to the zoo this weekend. The giraffes were indoors, eating, and I started talking to one. He turned his head and stared at me as he chewed. I think I might be a giraffe whisperer.

3. I'm not a Redbox whisperer. I rented (what I thought was) the Hunger Games. Redbox tricked me into renting the first Hunger Games and not the second. It took a couple minutes of "this is so familiar" for me to realize it was the first one.

4. I get hungry between my classes, so I usually bring a lunch with me (food on campus is so dang expensive!). Sometimes I make my sandwiches, but sometimes my husband does. I swear that the sandwiches he makes taste infinitely better. He says it's because "they're made with love". He's probably right. I hate cooking and spending time preparing food; apparently the disdain comes through in my sandwich-making.

5. In between classes, I caught a few different girls looking down at my tights, only to look up at me and smile. I'm hoping it's because polka dots make people happy.

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Necklace: The Limited
Top: The Limited (c/o Mom)
Blazer: Forever 21 [option, $12 option]
Skirt: The Limited [option, $9 option]
Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohl's [similar]
Heels: Chinese Laundry via Macy's [similar]

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  1. I dig the 5 random things! Baby giraffes are the cutest - although I agree that feeling like one is probably not the look you are going for when trying to walk and be taken seriously. Also, Redbox is my nemesis. That might be a bit dramatic, but I never remember to return the movies. So $1 quickly turns into "now we own this movie that we didn't even like that much!" I think it's smarter for me to spend the $3-5 rental fee on Amazon, and then it automatically returns, and I don't even have to leave the house!

  2. I think food my husband makes for me tastes better, too! And I love your polka dot tights so I am sure people were smiling at you because they are adorable!

  3. Fantastic outfit, Kate! Love those tights, and I love the black and tan :) I, too, HATE preparing food, which is kind of unfortunate, as I spend most of my time Mondays-Friday in class/at work/at my internship, so I need to pack all three meals for the day + snacks, which means I actually have to take the time to prepare food. Gross, I hate it.

  4. Of course it's because polka dots make people happy, so that has to be it! I don't really enjoy cooking either, especially during the week when I feel like it's always rushed. The only time I have ever really enjoyed it is when we're at my parents house for the weekend and I'm helping my dad with some new recipe he's excited about and we have no set time that dinner has to be ready by. :)


  5. Polka dots make me happy! Or maybe they were noticing that you have awesome calves. Is that weird for me to say? Oh whatever, you're still friends with me based on all of the other weird crap I say, so I think it's okay.

    I am laughing so hard at the baby giraffe and giraffe whisperer comments. Now, I'm curious. How tall are you without heels?

    I have a black and tan polka dot shirt that would go well with your skirt, aaaand I just realized I have a skirt (a-line, not pencil) in this color. That's how outfits are born.

  6. Love this!! Those polka dots sure do make me happy =) I don't like preparing food much either. I seriously eat the exact same lunch every single day because I'd rather not think about it.

  7. Love this look! Those polka dot tights are the cutest--they sure would make me smile :)
    I always bring my lunch to campus too--there's no way I'm paying $6 every day for a mediocre hummus wrap.

    1. Our food is actually tasty, and it's in the same building as my office, but $6/day x 3-5 days a week adds up, fast. But then again, I haven't calculated the cost of my PB&Js yet...

  8. In love with this outfit! Great color combo and very professional.

    - Whit

  9. I love the fun addition of the polka dot tights....even though I'm longing for days where tights are not required :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. I am definitely excited for no-tights weather. Probably more than anyone else you know!

  10. The polka dots would make me smile too. I wished my hubby would pack me lunch. I pack a lunch and snack for my son and myself everyday and we do not eat the same thing so it takes me about 45 minutes every morning just preparing food. My hubby eats out everyday and I even offered to pack a lunch for him but he says it's the only time he gets out of the office. Whenever I brown bag, I do end up just eating right through lunch.


  11. I pack my husband lunch everyday. great color combo

  12. Another one of my favorite outfits of yours :) I think black and tan go perfectly together and I love how you combined the polka dots tights with this classy outfit. Perfect!
    We went to the zoo too last weekend but no giraffes talked to me :(

  13. I love neutral pencil skirts with a blazer...such a chic ensemble!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  14. Food always tastes better when it's made with love. I am sure your husband is 100% correct! Those girls better have been smiling at your tights, because they rock! This whole outfit is awesome!

  15. I love this look! I'm all about classic pieces and you've made these look great by also pairing the tights and interesting neckline.

  16. I love this work outfit!
    Visiting from Fun Day Monday link up!


  17. This is such an adorable outfit! I'm pretty much in love with that skirt, a camel colored skirt has been on my to-purchase list for quite some time.


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