Monday, March 31, 2014

coral, stripes, and some math

Today's outfit is built on one of my favorite templates: blazer + top + skirt. Some of my favorite outfits of 2013 were built on this template (123).

In my March budget, I mentioned I was unsure about whether I'd keep this white blouse. Thank you to those of you who put in your two cents. After thinking about the purchases, and reminding myself what I want my spending habits to look like, I've decided it's going back. I realized that if I were to wear a blazer, a shirt, and a skirt every day, with 5 blazers, 5 shirts, and 5 skirts (which I have), I could make 125 different outfits. And if I were to teach 5 days a week, that would give me 25 work-weeks worth of outfits, which covers almost half the year! If I were to add 3 more shirts to the mix, and 2 pairs of pants to the mix (again, which I already have) I would have enough outfits to go an entire work-year without repeating a single outfit. 

I realize that the math above assumes that all blazers, shirts, and bottoms can all be paired together, but that only eliminates so many outfits. The point is, I can create more outfits than I know what to do with based on what I already have, and I have yet to take an official inventory of my closet. If you have, multiply the number of tops you have by the number of bottoms you have. That's how many basic outfits you could create. Scary? Disgusting? Overwhelming?

It's good to think about these things from time to time. But to end on a happier note, let me ask you this: 

Why can't you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? 
Because the P is silent.

Blazer: Shade Clothing | option, option
Blue Oxford: Gap (c/o Mom) | option
Necklace: via Groopdealz | option
Coral Skirt: The Limited | last worn
Nude Heels: Comfort Plus via Payless

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Budget

To sum up March shopping in one month: meh. I thought the new spring collections would tempt me, but they haven't at all. I can't decide if that's because the voice of reason has finally taken over, telling me I already have enough, or whether I'm just so exhausted from school that nothing is drawing me in. (There may also be some body image issues I'm working through that are also keeping me out of the shopping mood, but that's for another day.)

1. J. Crew Factory Silk Two-Pocket Blouse: originally $95, on sale for $25 [EDIT: RETURNED]
2. Old Navy Women's The Rockstar Zip-Pocket Pants [seen here]: originally $35, on sale for $12
3. J. Crew Factory Peter Pan Collar Tee: originally $65, on promotion for $32 [EDIT: RETURNED]

= $69 = $12

I successfully sold some clothes this month and made $23, but I'm not subtracting that from my budget, since at the end of the day, I still spent $69 $12.

About the purchases:
I was really excited about the white blouse when I got it on super-sale, but it's been almost two weeks since I bought it, and I haven't been itching to wear it. It's a solid piece, versatile enough to be worn for teaching or for a casual lunch date, but do I really need it? I think the biggest problem is that I have a cream blouse (non button front, though) that I rarely wear, so I'm worried that I won't wear this one that much. I have less than two weeks to decide, so any input would be greatly appreciated!

I chose the pants because they were on super sale, but also because I was tired of basically wearing one pair of skinny jeans all winter long (on my non-teaching days). They're not the most perfect pair ever, but they'll get enough wear.

I'm on the fence about the Peter Pan tee. It's slightly shorter than I had expected and hoped it would be. I think it could be let out on the bottom, but I don't want to pay extra for that. I think for $32, a top had better be absolutely perfect. And this one almost is. I'm hoping it will go on sale even more, but I have my doubts that it will, especially because it's an online exclusive. I'll try to get a "reader response requested" post together this weekend

The other thing worth noting is that none of the items purchased this month are on my wishlist. Do you only buy things on your list, or do you let yourself deviate from it?

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Pinspired: grey + polka

Today ends my week of Pinspired looks. You can see all pins I've ever been inspired by on my "Pinned it and Wore it" board. Today's look was inspired by this pin {via Zara}.

I decided to go with red flats simply because I wear my black flats so much as it is already. In hindsight, I should have added some jewelry, but I couldn't settle on one this morning, so I opted for the simpler look.

Blazer: Merona via Target | option
Blouse: The Limited | option
Pants: The Limited | same style
Flats: Gap | option

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pinspired: shades of blue

Today marks day 3 of my week of Pinspired looks. Today's look was inspired by this pin {via Stylishly Petite}.

Some of my favorite moments on Pinterest are when I find outfits that I can recreate because I have all the pieces. Enter today's pin, and my gingham shirt, aqua sweater, and statement necklace. Figuring out what to wear on bottom was pretty easy. When I got this skirt last month, I created a few outfits with it, one of which was pairing it with a bright color.

I feel like a broken record for saying this, but I spent more time this morning than I care to admit stressing about what color shoes to wear. I finally opted for these teal wedges, but felt like a clown most of the day. I wish I could instantly know what shoes to wear with any outfit. I wish that when I made my decisions, I could be confident about them. I wish I could see the good and focus on it instead of dwelling on the bad.

Do you ever feel hesitant when you're trying something new? How do you find confidence in such hesitance?

Sweater: via Target | option
Shirt: Old Navy | option, option
Necklace: via Target | option
Skirt: The Limited | option
Navy Tights: The Limited | option
Teal Wedges: via Target | option

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pinspired: print dress + colored tights

Today is the second day of my week of Pinspired looks. Today's outfit was inspired by this pin {via Merrick's Art}. I'm frequently looking for new ways to wear my burgundy tights, so when I saw the pin, I knew I had enough of the pieces to recreate the look. I just had to wait for a cold front. Yesterday's "wintry mix" made today the perfect occasion to wear it. That, and it's Taco Tuesday.

If I were to re-do this outfit, I'd roll up my sleeves, and tie my scarf so that it didn't hang below the jacket. Oh, and I'd not have a hole in my tights. But that could just be perfectionism talking.

Jacket: via Target | similar
Scarf: The Limited | option
Dress: Forever 21 | option
Tights: via TJMaxx | similar
Boots: (gift) - Madden Girl

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Pinspired: red + blue + scarf

I haven't done a Pinspired look in some time, so I thought I'd make up for it by doing a week of Pinspired looks. Today's look has been inspired by this pin {via Economy of Style}.

(and yes, that is snow)

Scarf: The Limited | $6 option, infinity
Sweater: The Limited | option
Pants: The Limited | option
Wedges: Dexter via Payless | option

On an unrelated note, this weekend I went with a friend to a consignment shop I hadn't yet been to. I haven't had much motivation to go there because the parking situation is disastrous, and I had heard that they are really picky. Nonetheless, we went, and I was able to sell five items! (The exclamation mark is necessary, as I've had zero luck selling up until now.) We ended up going to another consignment shop, and I was able to sell three more things. Granted, I brought in a bag full, but it was such a liberating experience. I've been able to rid myself of some pieces I disliked and regretted purchasing. I know it was irrational, but prior to this point, I had seen my closet as a collection of mistakes. I feel so much better about my closet. Have you had a similar experience?

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Friday, March 21, 2014

green week :: green + white scarf

I went through a ridiculous phase in 6th and 7th grade of wearing button up shirts unbuttoned over t-shirts. I haven't repeated the look since then. However, with all the pins of open chambray looks I encounter on a regular basis (like this one), I decided to give it a shot. After all, it has been over a decade. That should count for something, right? And what better opportunity to wear a casual look than on a day of running errands?!

Do you ever wear a button-up shirt unbuttoned? How do you make the look work?

Scarf: The Limited [option]
Chambray: Old Navy [exact]
Tee: SO via Kohl's [option]
Pants: The Limited [option]
Flats: via Target [exact]

[Linking up with AndiAshley, and Heather for Green Week. This scarf is green and white, I promise!]

Thursday, March 20, 2014

green week :: green necklace

It's a linkapalooza! I'm linking up with Bri for Third Thursday Threads, Danielle for Many Days, Many Ways, and Andi, Ashley, and Heather for Green Week. My green item is my bib necklace, and my remixed item is my denim jacket. I was inspired by this pin, but added brown tights since it was a little chilly outside.

Of all the ways I've worn this jacket, (see collage below), I most like throwing it over a tee or over a dress. (Let's ignore that it feels like this dress shrank a few inches since the last time I wore it.) What's your favorite way to style a denim jacket?

Denim Jacket: via Target [similar]
Necklace: via Amazon [same style]
Lace Dress: Forever 21 [option]
Brown Tights: The Limited [similar]
Boots: Not Rated via DSW [exact]

1  //  2
3  //  4  //  5
6  //  7  //  8

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

green week :: green cardigan

I'm not actually sure what color one would call this cardigan. According to this image, it looks close to jade, but Google searching "jade" brings up an entirely different shade. As long it's a shade of green, that's all that matters. It's Green Week, and I'm wearing green all week along with Andi, Ashley, and Heather (the hosts of the link up)!

On a side note, yesterday I mentioned that pants shopping is the worst. Let me correct myself; pants shopping in person is the worst. I ordered these online (in gray charles) recently, and they arrived just in time for me to bite my tongue. They're such a great alternative to a skinny jean and are plain enough for those days I'm not feeling like a colorful pant or a printed pant. And at $12, who can complain?

Shirt: Old Navy [option]
Cardigan: LOFT (c/o Mom) [option]
Necklace: gift (c/o Mom-in-law)
Pants: Old Navy [exact]
Flats: via Target [exact]

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

green week :: green vest

I promise none of these clothes are new-- they're just incredibly neglected. I'm trying to do this new thing where I wear my clothes instead of buying new clothes all the time. It's working pretty well for me so far, although it's making mall trips so much less fun! I bought this blouse yesterday on super-sale at J. Crew Factory. The pants I had been so hopeful for were not available in my size; a sales associate offered me similar pants (or so she claims) but they fit terribly. Why is pants shopping so hard?! No other pants stood out to me on the trip, but I almost went home with this blouse from The Limited and this top from LOFT. I tried on a bunch of other stuff, but those were the only ones worth mentioning. I'm still on the fence about the giraffe scarf.

I'm wearing my vest not only because I haven't worn it in a while, but also because it's green week! I love theme weeks-- they really get the gears going. Two days ago I had zero motivation to wear this vest, and now I have a handful of different ways I want to wear it. Check out how others are wearing green through the link-up (hosted by Andi, Ashley, and Heather).

Military Vest: Old Navy [similar]
Striped Sweater: LOFT [option]
Floral Shirt: Old Navy [option]
Skinny Jeans: The Limited [similar]
Flats: Old Navy [option, $9 option]

Monday, March 17, 2014

green week :: green pants

I'm joining in on the fun of Green Week, hosted by Andi, co-hosted by Heather and Ashley, today with my green jeans. I met up with some colleagues this weekend and put together this outfit for a "casual, but cute" look. It wasn't until I had the outfit on that I realized I've already worn it a few times to other get-together events. Let's call it a moment of absent-mindedness combined with a soft spot for wearing this top with a cardigan.

(And can we pretend my shirt was partially tucked in? Because it was when I was inside, and looked a whole heck of a lot better.)

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe [option]
Top: The Limited [last seen
Jeans: The Limited [last seen]
Flats: via Target [exact]

Friday, March 14, 2014

happy pants

I like proctoring exams for several reasons:
1) It gives me an extra two hours to do my own work.
2) No prep necessary!
3) I get to wear much more casual outfits (like this one)

I took advantage of the opportunity to wear a more casual outfit by wearing my happy pants (formerly known as my geometric print pants). They are so incredibly comfortable-- by far my favorite pair of pants right now. And that has little to do with the design. If they really make me so happy, then I should get more of these pants, right? Maybe like these? And maybe I will since J. Crew Factory is having a store-wide 50% off sale this weekend. (Sales also make me happy.) What kinds of things are making you happy lately?

Cardigan: Merona via Target [boyfriend, 3/4 sleeve]
Top: The Limited [last worn]
Pants: J. Crew Factory [exactoption]
Flats: via Target [exact]

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a giraffe and some flowers

I don't know when it was, but I dreamed up this outfit some time ago. What kept me from wearing it was deciding what shoes to wear. After what happened Monday, I thought, what better shoes to wear with my giraffe sweater than the ones that make me feel like a baby giraffe? [I actually didn't feel like one today because I remembered to put heel grips in my shoes. Hooray for becoming an adult giraffe!]

Somehow the first day I wear these tights, I manage to ruin them. It's a shame because it took so long for me to wear them because I really liked them. Go figure that when I finally do wear them, they fall apart. Maybe it's a sign that I really do need this giraffe scarf after all. 

Sweater: Banana Republic [option, splurge]
Floral Shirt: Old Navy [option]
Skirt: (c/o mom-in-law) The Limited [option]
Tights: The Limited [option, option]
Heels: Chinese Laundry via Macy's [similar]

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

hey, cowgirl

Have you ever put together an outfit without thinking twice about it, only to come home and ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" Enter this outfit. I should have known something was up when I was on my way out the door and my husband said to me, "Hey, Cowgirl." I can't say that I'm terribly bummed out, but it's definitely not one of my better outfits. You win some, you lose some.

It's time for honesty. What do you think of this outfit? What changes would improve it? 

Denim Jacket: via Target [option]
Striped top: The Limited [last seen here]
Necklace: The Limited [option, option
Pleated Skirt: The Limited [option]
Booties: Candie's via Kohl's [option]

Monday, March 10, 2014

black + tan

Because everyone loves a "5 random things" post... 

1. I haven't worn these heels in a long time. Today I remembered why. They make me feel like a baby giraffe.

2. Speaking of giraffes, my husband and I went to the zoo this weekend. The giraffes were indoors, eating, and I started talking to one. He turned his head and stared at me as he chewed. I think I might be a giraffe whisperer.

3. I'm not a Redbox whisperer. I rented (what I thought was) the Hunger Games. Redbox tricked me into renting the first Hunger Games and not the second. It took a couple minutes of "this is so familiar" for me to realize it was the first one.

4. I get hungry between my classes, so I usually bring a lunch with me (food on campus is so dang expensive!). Sometimes I make my sandwiches, but sometimes my husband does. I swear that the sandwiches he makes taste infinitely better. He says it's because "they're made with love". He's probably right. I hate cooking and spending time preparing food; apparently the disdain comes through in my sandwich-making.

5. In between classes, I caught a few different girls looking down at my tights, only to look up at me and smile. I'm hoping it's because polka dots make people happy.

Sharing is caring! Tell me something random!

Necklace: The Limited
Top: The Limited (c/o Mom)
Blazer: Forever 21 [option, $12 option]
Skirt: The Limited [option, $9 option]
Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohl's [similar]
Heels: Chinese Laundry via Macy's [similar]

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Friday, March 7, 2014

dots + stripes

I don't know why I even bother planning my outfits before I go to sleep. Lately, after I shut my eyes, images of clothes whirlwind through my mind and come together to form the outfit I really want to wear the next day. I wonder though whether this outfit came together because it's another combination of two neglected items. I got this shirt months ago, but haven't worn it on the blog yet. I got this sweater at the end of February, as seen in my budget post. I couldn't wait any longer to wear it.

I should credit Heidi for this great purchase. I loved it from the moment I saw her wearing it in this post. I've been really good about not rushing out to get something when I see it on someone else, but I slipped up this time. In my defense, a light grey crewneck longsleeve sweater was on my wishlist, and it was only $10!

Sweater: Old Navy [exact]
Shirt: Old Navy [exact]
Ankle Pants: The Limited [sateen option]
Flats: via Target [exact]

Thursday, March 6, 2014

geometric print pants, casually

Why is it that as soon as No Longer Neglected is over, I find myself even more motivated to wear neglected items? I got these pants in November, and my mom got me this cardigan after Christmas, and both have been terribly neglected since then. I hate the expression "killing two birds with one stone" but that pretty much explains how this outfit came to be.

We're experiencing a little bit of a warm front this week, and to me, that only means ankle pants. I'm so excited to get to wear these pants more-- I really love everything about them. I almost bought these pants from The Limited (especially because they're currently running their BOGO promotion), but they were a no-go. I know, I know. How many pairs of geometric print pants does a girl need? (Maybe just one more...)

Cardigan: LOFT (c/o Mom) [option]
Tee: SO via Kohl's [similar]
Necklace: The Limited
Pants: J. Crew Factory [exact]
Belt: Old Navy [exact]
Flats: via Target [exact]

geometric print pant options:

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

debut: belted box pleat skirt

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of you were looking forward to seeing me style this skirt when I showed it off in my February budget post. I hope I don't disappoint! (If I do, bear in mind that I have a few more outfits up my sleeve.) I knew I wanted to wear this cardigan and skirt together, and I decided to add the scarf after seeing so many pins of mustard and leopard together (like this pin). Unfortunately, I didn't think far ahead enough, so the decision to wear black tights and black wedges was hastily made. I'm not convinced that it was the right choice. Would brown tights have looked better? What do you think? 

above without flash, below with flash. 
which photo looks better?

Scarf: The Limited [very similar]
Cardigan: The Limited [option, boyfriend]
Skirt: The Limited [exact]
Wedges: via Target

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

plaid + coral

The last time I wore this scarf, I stepped out of my comfort zone by pairing it with a striped sweater. I liked that I tried something new, but I did not care for the end result. This time, I decided to just keep it simple by wearing it over a solid-colored sweater. This isn't the most exciting outfit ever, but it is great for running errands! What do you wear when you run errands?

Scarf: Gap (c/o Mom) [exact]
Sweater: SO via Kohl's [exact]
Jeans: The Limited [similar]
Boots: Candie's via Kohl's [exact]

Monday, March 3, 2014

just go with it

Decision making can be a funny thing. We're frequently presented with either/or options: "Paper or plastic? Cash or charge? Baked potato or mashed potatoes?" When did it become a thing that we had to pick one or the other? Why not just say "yes" to both? (I'm such a potato junkie, I would order both kinds of potato if it were socially acceptable to.)

This morning I was debating between wearing a tee or a button up shirt under my cardigan. I wasn't being drawn to one more than the other, so I just chose both. I've layered a (longsleeve) tee over a button up before (here) and liked how it turned out. I'm still not sure about today's combination, but you live, you learn, right?

How often do you step out of your fashion comfort zone? Do you prefer to play it safe, or do you like to try new things just for the sake of it?

Cardigan: The Limited [optionsplurge]
Chambray: Old Navy [similarsimilar]
Tee: The Limited [last seen here]
Pants: The Limited [option]
Boots: via Payless

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