Monday, February 10, 2014

NLN: Polka Dot Blouse | Red+Pink week

Have you ever put on a top only to know within minutes that you'll probably never wear it again? That's what happened with this top (which has been neglected for over a year). I planned this outfit over the weekend, but it wasn't until I put it on this morning that I 'broke up' with this top. I bought it two years ago when I really wanted "a polka dot top". I didn't have any specifics in mind, other than black and white polka dots. Fast-forward two years, to when this top is heading for the donate pile.

Fashion tip of the day: The more detailed your wish list items are, the happier you'll be!

I wanted "a polka dot top", and came home with one, but with things I didn't like about it (and chose to ignore). I don't like 3/4 sleeve tops. I hate elastic at the bottom of shirts (hidden in these photos). The top isn't even polka dot-- it's more of a dalmatian print. You get the point. What I should have gone shopping for wasn't "a polka dot top" but rather "a white button up with black polka dots, evenly spaced, pea size, long sleeves"

Cardigan: The Limited [option]
Blouse: The Limited [option]
Necklace: Forever 21 [exact]
Pants: The Limited [option
Boots: Dexter via Payless

I do, however, like the black and white spots with the red cardigan and black pants. You really can't go wrong with this template. I specifically chose the red cardigan because it's Red+Pink week, i.e., a Valentine's theme week! I am one of six coming together to bring you some holiday cheer!

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  1. Oh, that's so frustrating! I agree that wishlist items need to be detailed. Too often, I will settle for "close enough" and then I end up not being happy with it, and I still need the wishlist item.

    The dress I'm wearing today (posting later this week), is probably in the same category. I wanted a brightly colored fit and flare shirt dress. I bought this one in January (because it was $6), and planned my outfit for today, but very quickly realized this dress is WAY.TOO.SHORT for me. I'm wearing thick fleece-lined leggings today, so there's no risk of indecency, but I don't think there's any chance I could wear this without thick tights. And even with them, I have felt nervous all day. So, I'm hoping I can sell it for more than $6 at the consignment shop. And next time I need to make sure the dress is closer to knee-length. I swear dresses shrink on the drive home from the mall...

  2. Yes! Black and white polka dots go perfectly with red! Too bad about the top. I definitely have quite a few items like this from before I started to at least try shopping a little smarter. Things that I thought I really wanted but then never really loved. Having a more specific wishlist is definitely a good idea!

  3. Kate, I've been thinking about this so much lately! I've had a cognac leather jacket on my wishlist forEVER, and I have come so close to buying a few of them just because they're "close enough." I know that I would never wear them, though, unless they are exactly what I'm looking for: not a moto or bomber style, no unnecessary tassles/zippers/buttons, silver "hardware," nips in at the waist, slim cut, and preferably with a little tab up at the top. I'm learning how to be patient :) In the end, if I wait long enough for just the right one, I'll either be so happy when I finally find it that I'll wear it all the time, or I'll decide that I'm over it and save my money instead.

  4. I used to do this kind of thing all the time! Buy things that were close, but not quite right just to end up donating them later. I've really tried to be better about that recently. I almost feel like the longer you want something the more ideas you have about why you want it, how you can wear it, and what would not work and why. I feel like that helps when you buy thing in the future too. Love the mint necklace addition to this! It's such a great contrast with red!

  5. WHO thought it was a good idea to put elastic at the bottom of shirts? Seriously? Is there a single person who says, "yes, please, wrap a friggin' rubber band around my waist and make it hurt all day long, especially after lunch?" No. No one says that. I really like that unexpected mint necklace with the whole ensemble, however. And, you're right: you can't go wrong with red, black, and white. Well, maybe some people could, but YOU cannot.

  6. I am SO guilty of doing this. I come up with something I want and settle for the first one I find. Unfortunately, the first one is not always the perfect one. :/ I actually just bought a LC blouse at Kohl's that is white with black polka dots (yes, pea sized). You should check to see if the Kohl's in your area has it, I think you'd like it. Oh and it was on clearance for $8! Also, I love the mix of red and turquoise! I've been wanting to try that combo! :)

  7. It sounds like you and I have similar pet peeves when it comes to tops. Elastic at the bottom is the worst (for me)! Just to reiterate what Danielle said above, I have a Lauren Conrad polka dot button up that I love. Definitely worth making a trip to Kohl's!
    I love the color combination in this outfit, particularly your pretty mint/jade necklace!

  8. AHH I hate when tops have a weird detail that essentially ruins the garment.

    3/4 sleeves are so awkward on me!!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. Oh my goodness, you are brave for bearing your arms when there is snow on the ground! I love your outfit, I've been looking for a similar cardigan. Adorable!
    Visiting from the link up :)
    Exploring My Style

  10. You are looking so nice with the dress. the dress looks lovely on you. Perfect match with you. Thanks for sharing.

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