Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NLN: Pink Lace Scarf

At first I thought it would be difficult doing both No Longer Neglected and Red+Pink Week at the same time. It turns out that many of my neglected items are pink. One such item is this lace pink scarf. I've had it for nearly three years, but only worn it once in the past two years. I think I've neglected it for so long because I hated the outfit I wore it with the last time I wore the scarf. Talk about an epic fail. Doing both of these challenges at the same time helped me realize that it wasn't the scarf that was the problem -- it was the entire outfit. It's like if someone were to put chocolate in spaghetti sauce. There is nothing inherently wrong with chocolate, but it just doesn't go with spaghetti sauce. Chocolate does, however, go with ice cream.

Lace Scarf: The Limited [option, option]
Long-Sleeve tee: via Kohl's [similar]
Floral Jeans: LOFT [last worn here]
Boots: Lower East Side via Payless [similar]

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  1. That scarf is really pretty! It looks great with this outfit, so hopefully it will replace the bad feelings you had towards it!

  2. Oh thats so fun - I just posted an all red/pink outfit and then I saw your post and your pink/red week. I added the link with my outfit :)
    I love your pretty scarf!


  3. Much better attempt at styling that Lace Scarf. Good philosophy about the spaghetti with chocolate sauce. LOL You are too funny. Check out how I am styling my Red+Pink lately. =)

  4. What a pretty scarf! It looks perfect with the neutral outfit. I really like those pants!

  5. It's such a pretty scarf and is the perfect centerpiece with the rest of the all neutral outfit. Very very pretty!

  6. Such a gorgeous scarf! It looks perfect against the black!

  7. Love that scarf! I agree that this outfit the better way to wear it. I'm a big fan of pink + gray!

  8. I love the scarf and the way you styled it!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. Oooo, I like the pants, too! It's sort of monochromatic with a pop o' pink. I dig it. Plus, pink is a GREAT color on you. I'm glad it's no longer neglected :)

  10. I really like this outfit on you! Those pants, first of all, are SO cool. I also really love that scarf on you - you couldn't look prettier in pink!!


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