Friday, December 12, 2014

what to wear: office party

Misty from Balancing a Hectic World and I have teamed up to bring you four different holiday looks this season. We've already covered what we would wear for Black Friday Shopping and for a Christmas parade. Today we're showing you what we would wear for an office party. 

Be sure to visit Misty's blog and check out what she will be wearing for her holiday office party! Her dress is so pretty I might just have to steal it from her when she's not looking ;-)

My department doesn't have a holiday office party, but if we did, I imagine it would take place during working hours or immediately after. So if it's a matter of wearing something appropriate for both work and play, my strategy would involve mixing business with party. ha. But seriously, take a typical office wear formula (e.g., pants + shirt + blazer) and throw in some sparkle and some glam. Because after all, what says 'holiday' more than pretty and shiny?

1  //  2  //  3  

4  //  5  //  6

Does your office host a holiday party? If so, what will you be wearing?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pinspired: white dress + plaid scarf

When I saw Meghan of Hayes Days pair her pretty white dress with our beloved plaid scarf (here), I knew I would be copying her. And copy her I did.

I didn't like the way my cognac boots looked with the dress and cardigan, so I opted for my booties instead. That's the nice thing about doing Pinspired looks: you don't have to replicate the look item-for-item. Use the pin as a starting point, and make modifications necessary to make the look work for you. In my case, that also included belting the cardigan.

Cardigan: Old Navy [similar - 30% off with code GIVETHIS]
Dress: Forever 21 [similar]
Scarf: via Target [exact]
Tights: The Limited [similar]
Booties: Candie's via Kohl's [similar]

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Co-Hosting: Confident Twosday

I was so delighted when Laura of I do deClaire asked me to co-host Confident Twosday. I immediately began to think about what makes me feel confident, especially in regards to my personal style and my everyday life (i.e., school). The answer came to me rather quickly. Simplicity.

When I think about the best days I have as a teacher, they're the days when I'm confident. When I'm confident, I'm comfortable, and when I'm comfortable, I can really be enthusiastic, animated, and passionate about the material. Those are the days when I teach the best, and that makes me even more confident. Moral of the story? Simple outfits, confidence, and success in teaching go hand in hand in hand. What makes you feel confident? 

Don't forget to stop by Laura's blog and link up your confident self after the jump! 

Sweater: Old Navy | option
Shirt: The Limited | option
Necklace: Forever 21 | option, option
Ankle Pants: LOFT | option
Flats: Christian Siriano via Payless | option

Monday, December 8, 2014

thrown together

Some days I walk out the door feeling so put together (e.g., last Monday). Some days I walk out the door feeling so effortlessly cool (e.g., Tuesday). And some days, I just walk out the door. On this day, there was no method to my madness. I just put one item on after another.

I love having this scarf as a bright alternative to my plaid scarf from Target. Also, I'm slapping myself for not buying more of these pants from Old Navy last year when they were $12. (They're grey, btw. See how I wore them last here.) Do you buy multiples of the same item?

Chambray: Old Navy
Scarf (c/o Mom): Gap
Pants: Old Navy
Booties: Candie's via Kohl's

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Friday, December 5, 2014

what to wear: Christmas parade

Misty and I are back for part two of our What to Wear series (see part one here). This time, we're focusing on what to wear for a Christmas parade, or any other festive outing.

I'll be wearing my most festive winter wear: my red coat and white accessories. (I looked up and down and all around, but couldn't find the white pashmina I always wear with my red coat, so I opted for a plaid alternative.) Swing by Misty's blog Balancing a Hectic World to see the details of her outfit!

Hat: Aldo | option
Coat: The Limited | option
Scarf: via Target
Gloves: via Target | similar
Pants: The Limited

My tips? Festive colors. (red & white) Warmth. (hat, scarf, & fliptop gloves) Comfort. (Stretchy pants & low/no-heel boots)

What will you be wearing for your Christmas parades and other festive outings?

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lou & Grey sweater, again

I seriously can't get enough of my Lou & Grey sweater. This time I opted to pair it with a ponte skirt. I'm still feeling stuffed from Thanksgiving (and the treats my mom-in-law and sis-in-law left behind) so I'm more interested in wearing anything with wiggle room.

I also chose to wear a scarf with this sweater for a different look. I'm not loving how it all turned out. I definitely could have worn the sweater and skirt together and been entirely content with the look. Oh well. There's always next semester. (As soon as this semester ends, I plan on wearing nothing but the new leggings and tunic sweater my mom got for me recently. I'm seriously considering getting the tunic in white and coral, too. For $10 - with coupon code HOLIDAY20 - how can I not?)

Sweater: Lou & Grey via LOFT | striped option
Scarf: The Limited | option
Skirt: Old Navy | $10 option
Tights: via Target | exact
Flats: via Target | exact

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pinspired: black vest outfit

I was too tired after the holiday break to some returns, so I waited until today to do them. I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear, so I went to my cold weather Pinterest board. I didn't think twice when I saw this one, as I had all the pieces needed to recreate the outfit.

Lately I've been feeling like all a girl really needs for this time of year is a pair of cognac boots, comfy pants, some sweaters, some shirts, and some scarves. I definitely have all of those, so it should follow that I'm all set for this time of year. And that's how I feel. It might make for a boring blog, but it will mean that I'm wearing my favorite pieces more. Wearing my favorite pieces makes me happy. Lose-win-win?

Scarf: The Limited | option
Vest: Old Navy | spend, splurge
Sweater: (taken from Mom) Lands' End | similar
Exact Stretch Pants: The Limited
Boots: (gift) Madden Girl | option

Monday, December 1, 2014

black magic

When I first thought of pairing my Altuzarra orchid sweatshirt with black slacks, I was afraid that the two might be too dark and dreary together. When I put the two on, it was magic.

Orchid Sweatshirt: Altuzarra x Target
Pants: Daisy Fuentes via Kohl's
Heels: Apt. 9 via Kohl's

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Budget

My goal this month was to spend as little as possible on myself. Spoiler alert: that didn't happen.

1. Lou & Grey Zipside Tunic (via Loft): originally $60, on promotion for $30
2. Oversized Plaid Scarf (via Target): originally $17 - 15% cartwheel coupon = $15
3. Altuzarra x Target orchid sweatshirt: originally $30, on clearance for $9
4. LOFT Modern Straight Leg jeans: originally $80, on promotion for $40
5. Gap Outlet coat [seen here]: originally $80, on promotion for $65
6. SO Crochet Tunic Sweater (via Kohl's) - gift c/o Mom
7. SO Moccasins (via Kohl's) - gift c/o Mom
8. Simply Vera Vera Wang Leggings (via Kohl's) gift c/o Mom

= $159


But at the same time, this was a month of staples: a coat, a pair of jeans. a sweater (that I've worn four times in the past four weeks!). I highly recommend the tunic sweater from Kohl's, especially if you didn't get the Lou & Grey sweater before it sold out. It's so comfortable and works great layered or on its own. And it's half the cost!

I'm excited about the leggings and the moccasins because those are two items that were in desperate need of replacing; both had holes in them and were in terrible condition. I've been looking for a new, reliable pair of jeans for months, and I'm happy that I finally found a pair that fit my needs and wants.

In previous budget posts, I've compiled a short list of things I have my eye on. This month, I've put together a list of temptations I'm going to try to avoid:

- Black booties. As long as there are no sales, I'll be able to avoid buying them.
- Cognac boots. Hopefully Santa will leave these under my tree for me.
- Quilted sneakers. I am getting so much use out of my leopard slip ons, I can see myself wearing a black version just as much.
- This triangle sweatshirt. I was -this- close to buying the J. Crew version last year.

Next month, I'll add up each month's budget to see how I did for the year. Stay tuned! 

How did you do this month? Do you see the holiday season as a time to take advantage of the great deals? What do you have your eye on lately?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

welcome back, fall

I've been hunting for the perfect military jacket for well over a year now. After ordering this one from Old Navy and being sorely disappointed with how short it was on me, I began to rethink the need for a military jacket. I live in a climate where you can wear a light jacket maybe two weeks out of the year. Otherwise, it's no jacket or a warm one. Then of course a few days after this thought, I'm at the outlet mall, and I stumble across an olive green coat. It was like a military jacket and warmness got together and made a baby. Just for me.

I bought it a few weeks ago and have been debating whether to keep or not since. Pro: it's warm. Con: it was $60. Pro: it has a hood. Con: it was $60. Pro: I don't have a casual cold weather jacket. Con: it was $60. (For $60, I could get these booties I've had my eye on. Or half of this pair. Or this bucket bag. *cough*someone get me a bucket bag for Christmas?*cough*)

I figured if I wear it four times a week for the next four months, I'll get the cost-per-wear down to a dollar. That's gotta count for something, right? How do you make decisions about functional clothing pieces?

[I'm also regularly late to every appointment and scheduled event, so it should be no surprise that I'm linking up with Bri for Third Thursday Threads: Fall Footwear almost a week late. Better late than never!]

Coat: Gap Outlet | option
Sweater: Lou & Grey via LOFT | exact
Scarf: Merona via Target | exact
Leggings (c/o Mom): via Kohl's | exact
Boots (gift): Madden Girl | option - under $30!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

with a little help

Sometimes I know that I want to wear one particular piece, but then I don't know where to go from there. I knew I wanted to wear my blue dress but didn't know whether to wear a shirt under it or a cardigan over it (or both?!). So I recruited my husband to help me. He picked out the blazer (which I immediately approved of, since I had considered this combination some time ago). Then I asked him the harder question: scarf or necklace? "I know how much you love your scarves, so .... [looks through my scarves]... this one." 

I'm incredibly content with how this turned out. Maybe I should call on him more often.

Dress: J. Crew Factory | very similaroption
Blazer: via Target | similar, option
Scarf: The Limited | option
Tights: via Target
Wedges: via Target | option
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Saturday, November 22, 2014


All week long, I've been challenging myself to participate in both blazer week (co-hosted by Andi and Danielle) and the Pantone inspired color challenge (co-hosted by Marissa and Heidi). For the last look of the week, I've thrown one more challenge upon myself: a Pinspired look. I've been meaning to do one for some time, and after I saw Danielle wear her tan blazer, I thought to myself, "I really should quit neglecting my tan/oatmeal blazer." And so I did. And I managed to incorporate cognac into the outfit (cognac wedges) to make a three-in-one. Or three-for-one.

And yes, I also caved in and got the highly coveted over-sized scarf from Target. It was just staring at me, and Cartwheel had a 15% off coupon for winter accessories. In my defense, I really wanted this one, but it sold out before there was a deal on shipping. Have you jumped on the oversized scarf bandwagon? 

Blazer: The Limited | option
Top (c/o Mom): Ralph Lauren | option
Scarf: via Target | exact
Pants: The Limited | option
Wedges: via Payless | option

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Friday, November 21, 2014

what to wear: black friday shopping

You won't find me standing in line for a flat screen TV on Black Friday Eve. You won't find me bumping elbows with women in the mall, fighting over a sweater or a pair of boots. You may however find me rifling through the bargain bins at Wal-Mart hunting for my favorite DVDs on Black Friday morning. There are few things better than going home with a handful of DVDs for less than $10. It's my thing.

It's also my thing to be prepared for any situation, and that includes dressing for the occasion. This holiday season, Misty from Balancing a Hectic World and I are teaming up for a four post series featuring different looks for different holiday events.

We're kicking off the series with our Black Friday looks. Be sure to stop by Misty's blog, and check out what she's wearing for Black Friday!

I get that not everyone shops on Black Friday. This year, my husband and I will be spending the day with his parents. If you're spending the day with family, you might want to opt for something slightly nicer. If that's the case, here's what I'd wear:

Jacket: Gianni Bini via Dillard's | similar, love this option
Top: The Limited | last worn
Pants(old, c/o Mom) Daisy Fuentes via Kohl's
Heels: Apt. 9 via Kohl's | option

But for those of you who are planning on bumping elbows with others and hunting for the best deals, I'd opt for something slightly more relaxed.

Sweater: Old Navy | option
Vest: Old Navy | nearly identical
Pashmina (gift) | very similar
Jeans: LOFT | exact
Sneakers: via Target | exact

How to dress for Black Friday shopping:
- Wear something bright. Inevitably you will get separated from your group. Make it easy to find one another without having to resort to using your phones.
- Comfy shoes! If you're planning on trying on shoes, skip anything with zips and laces and just go for slip ons. (Obviously I recommend these slip on sneakers.)
- Manueverability is key. No need for a giant purse today. On days like this, I prefer a wristlet like this.
- Leave your coat in your car. With all the extra bodies in the stores, you won't get cold. A quilted vest can provide extra warmth just in case you're worried.

What will you be wearing on Black Friday? Are you spending time with family or will you be shopping? Or both?! 
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