Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pinspired: herringbone + stripes

Once upon a time in middle school, I was teased for wearing the same shirt all the time. I wore my United Colors of Benetton t-shirt once a week, nearly every week. I loved that t-shirt. These days (for the most part) I don't worry about wearing the same whatever too much, but every now and then I find myself intentionally waiting for enough time to pass until I wear the same whatever again. Like this vest. I wanted to wear it today, until I remembered I had just worn it  this past Thursday. Four days is enough time in between wears, right?  [This outfit was inspired by this pin (via). Next time I'll go with black boots instead.]

Turtleneck: The Limited [similar]
Shirt: The Limited [optionoption]
Vest: J. Crew Factory [similar, very similar]
Skinny Jeans: The Limited [similar]
Boots: Candie's via Kohl's [exact]


  1. I see you've decided to keep it! Good choice =) I love how the button-down looks layered over the turtleneck in this outfit!

  2. I think the vest is just the right size. I know you were concerned about it. It makes it perfect for layering.

  3. I like the herringbone with the striped shirt. When I am lazy (mostly on the weekend), I am so guilty of wearing the same thing the whole weekend.


  4. I think I would be wearing that vest constantly...four days between wears is plenty! :)

    Jess - J's Style

  5. This is such a cute outfit! I find myself doing the same thing with my favorite pieces of clothing. I think four days is sufficient wait time to re-wear:)

  6. That vest really does look great on you! I really like the combo with the stripes, too.

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  7. I love that vest and want one like it so badly. I also need a B+W Striped Button-down like yours. I would want to wear that vest every day, too. The V-neck Sweater from today's post was worn twice within 6 days in 2 similar Outfits.

  8. OMG. I can't even tell you how much I love this! I really like the combination of all the patterns but still in the black and white. Love the turtleneck underneath it all, too!


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