Tuesday, December 17, 2013

go bold or go home

Have you ever seen something on the clearance rack and fallen in love, only to realize that someone you know already has that something? That's the theme of today's post. It wasn't until I was coming up with ways to style these pants that I realized that Bri has them, too (although mine are the Factory version). Lucky for me, she's such a nice girl and doesn't mind :o)

On a separate note, I generally like to balance statement items with less statement-y items. Today was a different story. I opted for a bold sweater instead, à la this pin {via}. The only challenging part about styling these pants is figuring out what shoes to wear with them. I went through all of my boots and colder weather shoes until I just said "screw it" and opted for my black flats. I think I need me some black booties! 

Shirt: The Limited [exact]
Sweater: SO via Kohl's [exact]
Pants: J. Crew Factory [*exact]
*extra 25% off w/code SALE25
Flats: via Target [exact]


  1. Loveeeeee those stinkin pants! Hmmm clearance for $40 and looking at all the ways Bri has styled them and now you have them too? I may have to get me a pair with some Christmas moolah :D
    And I think that your tall black boots would look fine with them!

  2. I have admired those Pants from Bri, also. I love them. They remind me of my new B+W Graphic Pants, except these are Crops. Love that Sweater. Such an awesome melon color. You did a great job styling these for the first time and yes Black Booties would have been perfect.

  3. Good decision on those pants! They are such a fun print, but I think you'll be able to remix them quite a bit!

  4. I'm with Danielle (Wallace, not myself, because that'd be weird). I'd like to see them with black boots. It might just work! I have black and white polka dot pants similar to these, but I really love this pattern. I want 'em now, too. Damn self control.

    Little Bit of WoWe

  5. Oh my gosh these pants are great! And they look really good with the bold sweater. Since they are just black and white, I'm sure they will be easy to style.

  6. These pants look really great on you and so perfect with the pink! I always have a tough time deciding what shoes to wear with what the length of pants that I usually end up wearing heels. I can't imagine living in cold winter places where heels is not really an option in the winter.


    P.S. I am hosting a Kensie giveaway and hope you will stop by and enter.

  7. LOVE this outfit! I'm glad I'm not the only one going crazy for printed pants :)
    I've been going through the same dilemma lately, where I try on all my shoes only to come to the conclusion that I need some booties!

  8. Love this, I'll have to remember this stying with my printed pants.

  9. Ooh, I like the statement pants with the bold sweater - wicked cute! I can't believe you don't have snow right now, either...jealous!! I'm wearing flats today and my toes are cold, ha!

  10. They look so dang cute on you! I'm so glad you kept them!!! And I love the hot pink - definitely need to try styling mine that way!


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