Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorites of 2013

Happy New Year! 
Here are some of my favorite outfits from 2013 (separated by cool weather and warm weather). 
I can't wait to see what 2014 has in stock for all of us! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

celebrate good times

I passed my defense!

Now I have my second Master's Degree in Philosophy! 

thanks to those who wished me luck :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

black vest + green jeans

I have had these jeans tucked away ever since they lost their stretch after going through the dryer. It wasn't their first time through the dryer, which is the strange part. Even so, I wanted to wear them today anyway. I paired them with this vest, which happens to be one of my favorite purchases of the year. Here's to hoping that new additions in 2014 will also be looked at as "favorite purchases"! 

On a separate note, I mentioned last week that my independent project defense was scheduled for Monday (Dec. 16th). It got pushed back... to tomorrow! Wish me luck! 

Vest: Old Navy [spendsplurge]
Sweater: Old Navy [similar, similar]
Necklace: Forever 21 [similar]
Jeans: The Limited [option, option]
Flats: Mossimo via Target [exact]

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

go bold or go home

Have you ever seen something on the clearance rack and fallen in love, only to realize that someone you know already has that something? That's the theme of today's post. It wasn't until I was coming up with ways to style these pants that I realized that Bri has them, too (although mine are the Factory version). Lucky for me, she's such a nice girl and doesn't mind :o)

On a separate note, I generally like to balance statement items with less statement-y items. Today was a different story. I opted for a bold sweater instead, à la this pin {via}. The only challenging part about styling these pants is figuring out what shoes to wear with them. I went through all of my boots and colder weather shoes until I just said "screw it" and opted for my black flats. I think I need me some black booties! 

Shirt: The Limited [exact]
Sweater: SO via Kohl's [exact]
Pants: J. Crew Factory [*exact]
*extra 25% off w/code SALE25
Flats: via Target [exact]

Thursday, December 12, 2013

sequin polka dots

Yeah, that's right. I jumped on the embellished sweatshirt trend. How could you not? It's a sweatshirt! And it's super cute! Unfortunately I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, so this was the very last one left in the store (read: not a perfect fit). I pulled it in the back to try to get a better fit, but only a good sew job would do the trick. Now I just have to learn how to sew.

Sweatshirt: Old Navy [option, option, option]
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (old, c/o Mom) [similar]
Skinny Jeans: The Limited [similar]
Boots: Candie's via Kohl's [exact]

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pinspired: stripes + colored tights

I've had this image pinned for a long time, and I've had today's outfit hanging on my closet door for almost just as long. Okay, maybe not, but when you see a pre-planned staring at you day after day, it feels like it's been planned for an eternity. I had no clue what to wear this morning, so I just went ahead and wore this outfit. It didn't translate as I had hoped, but what can you do?

Sweater: Banana Republic [see below]
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy [*similar]
*save 35% w/coupon code GIFTS
Skirt: TH via Macy's (c/o Mom) [save | spend]
Tights: Hue via TJMaxx [similar]
Boots: Madden Girl (gift)

While I can't find any giraffe sweaters, there are plenty of great alternatives out there. Here are some:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pinspired: herringbone + stripes

Once upon a time in middle school, I was teased for wearing the same shirt all the time. I wore my United Colors of Benetton t-shirt once a week, nearly every week. I loved that t-shirt. These days (for the most part) I don't worry about wearing the same whatever too much, but every now and then I find myself intentionally waiting for enough time to pass until I wear the same whatever again. Like this vest. I wanted to wear it today, until I remembered I had just worn it  this past Thursday. Four days is enough time in between wears, right?  [This outfit was inspired by this pin (via). Next time I'll go with black boots instead.]

Turtleneck: The Limited [similar]
Shirt: The Limited [optionoption]
Vest: J. Crew Factory [similar, very similar]
Skinny Jeans: The Limited [similar]
Boots: Candie's via Kohl's [exact]

Monday, December 9, 2013


You know that independent project I've alluded to a few times on the blog? The one I've spent the entire semester working on? I submitted it this morning. I defend it a week from today. Wish me luck!

Too much time spent writing leaves little mental energy for putting together an outfit. I knew I wanted to wear these pants, so that my students would think I wear something other than my exact stretch pants. I almost wore this shirt on Friday, so it was already in my bathroom. I'm not sure how the rest happened. Except for the boots-as-shoes. I needed something other than flats. Do you ever wear boots under pants?

Shirt: J. Crew Factory (c/o Mom) [exact]
Sweater: Target (borrowed from husband)
Necklace: via Target [option, option]
Pants: Apt. 9 via Kohl's [option]
Boots: Dexter via Payless [exact]

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pinspired: purple + pink

The look I was going for this morning was something closer to this pin (via Kacie's Kloset), but my turquoise-y shirt ended up clashing too much with the turquoise bubble necklace for me. So, I went with a shirt closer in color to another bubble necklace. For my most hectic time of year, I would call this outfit a win. 

Necklace: via Amazon [same]
Sweater: Old Navy [same style, option]
Button-up Shirt: The Limited [option]
Pants: The Limited [exact, skinny, bootcut]
"Ryder" Boots: Dexter via Payless [exact]

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

herringbone vest

You know how I know that I'm not good at making decisions? I bought this vest back in August (!) but when it finally arrived in October, it was bigger than anticipated. By then, the vest was sold out in every size so I couldn't exchange it. It's been hanging in my closet since then. I've been going back and forth between selling it on eBay or just keeping it and making it work. eBay just seems like so much work. On the other hand, an oversized vest is an oversized vest. 

What do you think: Is the vest too big? Do you know if puffer vests can even be tailored without being ruined? (I can't find a seam anywhere, so I can't imagine how it would get hemmed.) Apologies for the terrible photo quality.

Vest: J. Crew Factory [option]
Sweater: The Limited [option]
Shirt: American Eagle (c/o Mom) [option, option]
Necklace: via Groopdealz [same style]
Jeans: The Limited [similar]
Boots: Madden Girl (gift)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

casual work wear

Another late night working on my independent research project means a less-than-perfect outfit for today. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how this turned out. Normally a white button up shirt and black pants together has such a formal feel to it, but I liked the way the grey short sleeve cardigan made it more casual. Unless it was my messy ponytail that did that...

Shirt: Eddie Bauer (c/o Mom) [similar]
Short sleeve cardigan: The Limited (gift) [option]
Necklace: via Groopdealz [similar, similar]
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Flats: via Payless [option]

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

neon floral + navy

When this dress made its debut on the blog, I questioned whether I would be able to wear it in cooler weather. I had hoped to wear it layered over a chambray shirt with these booties, but even with the warm front, it was too cold for that today. I figured the navy tights and navy cardigan would take care of that. What do you think? Does this look work, or does it look out of place considering its December?

Floral Sateen Dress: Gap [option, option]
Navy Cardigan: The Limited [similar]
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy [similar]
Navy Tights: The Limited [option]
Booties: Candie's via Kohl's [option]

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Pinspired :: black + pink

I thought I wouldn't wear my pink ankle pants again until spring, but with the promise of warm weather today, I decided this would be a great day for them. It was the weather and this pin that inspired today's outfit. Who better to be inspired by than the face of What Not to Wear? I don't have a top quite like hers, but this one has been on my "wear this soon" list for a while now. 

Top: The Limited [last worn]
Blazer: Forever 21 [similar]
Ankle pants: LOFT [similar]
Heels: via Payless [exact]

On an unrelated note, you may have noticed a pair of black boots new to the blog (here and here). Well, today they are on sale for $30, and with coupon code ZZCYBER (valid today only), they can be yours for $23! I've been on the hunt for an awesome pair of black boots for over a year now, and haven't found anything worth the tag. While these boots aren't my dream boot, they do fit the bill. And the budget.

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