Wednesday, October 9, 2013

stripes week :: sweater

This morning, I put this outfit on and thought to myself, "Hm. Maybe. Let's try it with a purple skirt instead." That's when I had to forcibly stop myself and just wear this outfit. Is this my favorite outfit ever? No. But did I stress out over my outfit this morning? No. And that, my friends, is a little victory.

I know that sweaters with animals on them are trending right now, but for the record, I'm not wearing it to be fashionable. I just really love animals, and I really like the silhouette and stripes together. [Do you have your stripes ready for Andi's link-up on Friday?!] I'm not sure I'll ever be tempted to wear this sweater over this dress again, but hey, we've gotta do something different every now and then. Have you worn a sweater over a dress? How did it turn out?

Occasion: Teaching, Attending a Meeting
Sweater: Banana Republic
Blazer: The Limited [option]
Dress: The Limited [option]
Flats: via Payless [option]

more animal sweater options:


  1. I just love this sweater so much! Giraffes are one of the coolest animals - in my opinion right up there with polar bears and elephants!

  2. Love this sweater! I've worn a dress over a sweater a few times and I really like it, but really only when it's pretty cold out. I have a hard time with the top half of dresses fitting right though, so it's a good fix for me. I think this looks really cute, I love the collar peeking out.

  3. I love your sweater! I definitely wish I had one just like it <3 :)

    Would you be interested following each other on GFC?

  4. I love the sweater! I am actually working on a sweatshirt post as we speak, and I love the idea of wearing it over a dress. Super cute!

  5. I WANT A GIRAFFE SWEATER. and I would wear it even when it wasn't popular anymore.

  6. What a great outfit - it is perfect with the flippy skirt.

    (And thanks for linking to that fox sweater - I want it!)

  7. This sweater is so cute!! I like the way you mixed your animals with the giraffe and leopard :)

  8. You look great and I love this with the blazer, so perfect!

  9. Great outfit - I really like it with the blazer! I have a tough time with sweater/tops over dresses, I never know how to make it look less bulky. I think this looks great.


  10. Love this sweater! The shoes were a great option too. I think stripes and leopard work so well together!

    Jess - J's Style

  11. Whatever, this is adorable, Kate! I love the look of this sweater over the dress :) I have tried the look before, but it was frump-city. The dress was like a t-shirt dress, and the sweater was an ugly cable-knit sweater, so it really didn't work at all. I think a more a-line or flared dress and a thinner gauge sweater would work muuuuch better, like you did here!


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