Friday, October 18, 2013

stripes and tights

Sorry I've been absent in the blogosphere-- I've just been swamped with grading, lesson planning, and research. This is one of my "I put my outfit together last minute" outfits. I think it worked out fine, but I'm not sure how else to style it for colder weather. Can someone teach me how to dress for 40-50 degree weather?!

Occasion: Teaching
Dress: The Limited [cute option]
Cardigan: The Limited [similar]
Tights: via Target [exact]
Wedges: via Target [option]


  1. I like the skirt and I think it looks good with tights. You can see in my last post how I like to dress for the in-between-temperatures :) I love to layer and to wear e.g. woolen dresses with short arms like in my last post so that thee wool can keep me warm and I can wear a blazer on top but when its getting too warm, the naked arms are making me feel comfortable again.


  2. Cute outfit! Having grown-up in Michigan, I would probably still wear this during the winter. Just wear boots instead to keep your legs a bit warmer and throw on a heavy coat!

  3. I love that dress. Great color-blocking & the colors are perfect for Fall.

  4. I love the outfit! When it gets cooler you can always throw on a coat or thicker blazer, scarf, and some knee-high boots.

  5. this in-between weather always throws me, too. I feel like it's not quite cool enough for tights, but then once the sun goes down, my legs are very cold!

  6. I'm struggling a bit with dressing weather-appropriate these days too! It's always chilly when I get dressed in the morning, but by the time the afternoon rolls around it's in the 70s-80s. I guess layering is the answer?
    Anyway, I love the color combination in this outfit!

  7. Ooh, you look super cute, Kate! I think I could wear something like this with colder temps, but I'd maybe wear boots, a blazer, or a scarf instead. OH! Or fleece-lined tights!!

  8. Love the pink cardigan! Styling clothes for mid (and even cold) weather is always so hard! I tend to go for my lighter patterned tights with pumps or ankle booties in the mid temperature. When it gets colder, the thicker ones and high boots come out. This would be really cute with a blouse under the dress with the the cardigan over the top, sleeve cuffs flipped up - just an extra idea for when it gets colder ;)



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