Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pinspired: menswear

When Bri announced that this month's Third Thursday Threads theme was menswear, I had no clue what to do. I decided that I just wasn't going to participate, and looked through my pins to come up with a Pinspired look for Heather's Pinned it and Did it link up instead. That's when I came across this pin (via), and decided it could work for the menswear link up. 

And no, my blazer and pants are not the same color. Just go with it. I hate to be a debbie-downer, but I hate pants. Waking up to 40 degree weather is my idea of a bad time. Maybe if I had full-length pants that fit well, I wouldn't hate on fall and winter so much. But I don't have such pants. (Or awesome boots for that matter.) I really wish J. Crew would carry their Scout Chino in a full length version. I saw that their Andie Chino online but read that they fit differently than the Scouts. Regardless of their fit, I'm not paying full price, but here's to hoping they drop to $10 again. [But they probably won't. So in the mean time, enjoy this post at their expense.]

Occasion: Office Hours, Attending Class
Blazer: The Limited [similar]
Shirt: Gap (old, c/o Mom) [similar]
Pants: J. Crew [exact]
Heels: via Payless [exact]

[Linking up with Bri and Heather]


  1. I don't know if I'm repinning everything from you, but I've got all these same outfits pinned! I have been feeling frustrated at the "ankle" pant length. Yes I like it and it's flattering, but I don't think I want to wear it in the middle of winter. But it doesn't seem like any "skinny" fit pants are full length these days.

  2. Great outfit. Love the men's inspired look. I'm wearing a lot of that this Fall. Visiting from Bri's link up. I also host a weekly link up on Thursdays. Stop by and link up.


  3. Great look! Love that blazer!

  4. I love tough look in the middle photo! Great menswear outfit! I like that the pants & jacket isn't matchy matchy.


  5. I completely failed on the menswear challenge. I just don't wear pants, and nothing else in my closet is particularly menswear-ish. I did have a Pinned It & Did It outfit that I was going to post, but then I was too lazy last night. And I'm feeling too lazy tonight, too, so I guess I'm taking a mini-break from the blog this week!

    Also, that list of terrible J.Crew outfits is hilarious!

  6. I really like this outfit and the fact it's not all matchy matchy. Pants are becoming my worst enemy too. Since starting Zumba my body has changed so much. Maybe 2 pair of my "dressy" pants fit and that's it. All others are jeans/cords that have to be belted. As always, thanks so much for linking up!

  7. Two great blazers in a row. I really love the shoes, also. I like most of J.Crew's clothes but they are so expensive & J.Crew is over-rated in my opinion. I am reading that article, now.

    1. I agree with you, but I've managed to get some of their stuff at reasonable prices, often comparable to the Target clearance racks but much better quality.

  8. I really like this outfit, Kate. You look put together and professional, which is always what I'm looking for when I go to work :) I feel similarly to you about pants. They just aren't as comfortable as dresses or skirts, I don't think. I agree about ankle pants as well - I LOVE my ankle pants but they will not be great in the winter. Too damn cold in Minnesota!!


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