Monday, October 21, 2013

pantone challenge :: vivacious

When Heidi announced that she would be co-hosting a Pantone-inspired fall color challenge with Marissa, I'll admit, I had mixed feelings. I was excited because I really enjoy participating in challenges, of any variety. But it also made me roll my eyes. I think the concept of an "in" color is ridiculous. Cobalt, for example, has been the "it" color for the past, what, three years? Is there really ever going to be a time when cobalt isn't "in"? Or when someone will scoff at you for wearing cobalt? "Ohemgee, that is so 2011. And 2012. And 2013." [end rant]

I'm not sure if this dress is "vivacious", but it's probably the most similar in color to whatever "vivacious" is. At this point I don't know if I reach for dresses in the morning because I am partial to them, or because I'm just so mad at all of my pants. I guess this means I need to get some more tights. This outfit was also inspired by this pin (via all things katie marie).

Occasion: Teaching
Dress: The Limited [options below]
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe [option]
Leopard Belt: via Target [exact]
Tights: via Target [exact]
Flats: Christian Siriano via Payless [option]

[more vivacious dress options]

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[Also linking up with Molly]


  1. LOVING that belt! It's the perfect "pop" of print.

    1. Thanks, Becca! I can't believe at one point I was hesitant about splurging on this belt. I've worn it so many times, so many ways, it's definitely been a great piece for my closet!

  2. Oh gosh, we do have similar thoughts! I do not understand how certain things get declared trendy for a given season. Like, remember how "black and white prints" were very IN for this past spring? And every other season as long as I can remember?? These people need to get a real job! Oh, and your dress is pretty and pants are stupid!

  3. I think the concept of an "in" color is stupid, too. But it is fun to be re-inspired by a color or to put together colors you might not have thought of before. I, do, however, think the names of the colors are stupid. I kind of get Koi and Acai, because they are somewhat associated with an item that is the color. But what the heck color is "vivacious" or "turbulence"???

    Anyhoodle, I do love the color of your dress. Its a gorgeous color.

  4. Thanks for linking up despite your feelings about "trendy colors!" I actually agree with you in terms of why colors are suddenly marked as "in" or "out" and who decides that, but Heidi and I thought focusing on color (not necessarily that they are "in") would be a fun challenge. Pantone just happens to be accessible and recognizable as a starting point! I happen to think all of these colors can be worn year-round.

    Love your dress and the fun belt! I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat.

  5. Haha, your rant is too funny. I love this color because it IS quite vivacious. I think I'm wearing koi today. Does that mean I look like a fish?

  6. This color is vivacious! Plus, it looks great on you!

  7. Yeah I think trendy colors is a strange concept. But your dress was a perfect choice for today's challenge. I was just thinking the other day how I'll need to stock up on some tights soon. Bare legs are probably over for the year.

  8. I am loving the "vivacious" color in combination with leopard. Pretty!

  9. I agree that it's lame to have an "it" color. I don't buy and wear a color only when it's in. I love will wear it until it's ruined (or I get too fat - which seems to be the case). Love this pink on you! I am also participating in today's color since it's something I already have in my closet.


  10. I love that color and that classic sheath. Like you I wore a dress for "Vivacious" albeit a totally different style. I love doing fashion challenges too. I am with you 100% on the "IT COLORS" rant. I think EVERY COLOR is always in, but I feel like each season. the fashion designers emphasize a couple of colors a little more. That's why they are called the IT COLOR of the moment. Anyway check put my Vivacious Look LOL.

    Ada. =)

  11. This is one of my favorite outfits on you. SUPER cute!!

  12. i agree with you, even though i'm co-hosting this challenge of pantone colors... it's just nice inspiration to have someone tell me what to wear a certain day! this dress looks awesome on you and i love the leopard belt, definitely a favorite look of mine!

  13. I completely agree with you about "trendy colors." I understand trendy items or something, but can a color really be dated? Whatever. I LOVE this outfit, by the way. You look beautiful in this color pink, and I love how it pops against the black!! The leopard belt is a great addition as well.


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