Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pantone challenge :: turbulence

I was all ready for Day 2 of the Pantone-inspired color challenge, until I realized that "turbulence" is actually shade of grey-blue, not teal (as I had originally perceived). It really boggles my mind sometimes how differently things can appear to us, especially colors. Even if one perceives turbulence as a shade of grey, pinpointing what shade it is presumably varies from person to person. Searching Pinterest for "pantone turbulence" yields images in a wide spectrum of greys. So what is a person to do? Answer: Wear all things grey, and hope for the best. The odds that turbulence appears somewhere in my outfit are in my favor. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Occasion: Office Hours, Attending Class
Leopard Top: Old Navy [options below]
Sweater: Charter Club (c/o Mom) [option]
Jacket: The Limited [option]
Necklace: Target [exact]
Pants: LOFT [jacquard, more options]
Flats: Mossimo via Target [exact]

more turbulent (leopard print) top options:

The Modern Austen


  1. Whatever color it is you look great! I really like the pop of color against your turbulence :) Who comes up with these names anyways?

  2. Obsessed. This is a great outfit. I love the color of the pants and how you styled it with a fun animal print. It is funny how colors can be perceived so differently; I know other who linked up went a little teal as well. Thanks so much for linking up again!

  3. I wish authors would use these crazy colors when they are describing their characters. I mean, since you quoted the Hunger Games, it just made me think about how everyone from Katniss's neighborhood has gray eyes. I wish she had turbulent eyes instead. And carafe hair.

    This is a weird comment. I should probably delete it, but I think we are good enough internet friends to let it stand!

    1. I'm laughing at this in the best possible way - love you two ladies, haha!

  4. What a great look both ways. Such weird names for colors!

  5. LOL I did the same thing! In the end, I went with a blue~gray denim. I just don't have anything that even remotely comes close to matching "turbulence".

  6. Yeah I wasn't exactly sure what turbulent meant either, probably because "turbulent" isn't exactly a color at all, so I don't feel so bad. But look, you are vivacious too!

  7. I had a tough time interpreting these colors as well. I think my post for turbulence is coming up Friday and it's a shade of grey. I think you've nailed it! What a pretty necklace.


  8. When I looked at your post yesterday, I definitely thought turbulence was a teal. It looks like you included two of the colors, turbulence and vivacious. Double the fun! :) I really like the cut of these pants and this sweater is a lovely shade.

  9. works for me! love the printed top and colored pants and that leather jacket is such an awesome layering piece. love this outfit!

  10. Love this outfit! I really like the color of the pants (maroon? wine? vivacious?) with the black/white leopard. Pinning this for future inspiration...

  11. I totally thought "turbulence" was a bluish teal/green color when I saw the color names/swatches...and I Googled it too to figure out what the heck to wear! I really love this though. Gray and maroon look great together!!

  12. I am not that much into animal prints but I think this look turns out really well! The shirt looks gret together with the colored pants!


  13. Since gray is pretty much the best color ever, I am in love with this outfit. You definitely covered the whole gray spectrum! And I love it with the maroon - so cute!


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