Wednesday, October 23, 2013

pantone challenge :: koi

Today is Day 3 of the Pantone-inspired fall color challenge, hosted by Heidi and Marissa. Looking for something "koi" to wear for today made me realize how few things in my closet are orange, and how many are coral. I actually bought a koi skirt earlier in the spring, but every time I tried to create an outfit around it, all I could think about was Halloween. I ended up returning that skirt. 

I really don't care for Halloween all that much. Even as a kid I only liked Halloween for the candy, but always felt a great injustice whenever I received "nasty candy". Yeah, I'm talking to you, candy in the black and orange wrappers. You too, gummy eyeballs. Get out of here.

Occasion: Teaching
Shirt: The Limited [option]
Sweater: The Limited [options below]
Necklace: Forever 21 [option]
Pants: The Limited [option]
Heels: Anne Klein via DSW [option]

other koi sweater options:

literate & stylish


  1. AAAhahaha those candies in the black and orange wrappers were the worst! I am legit wearing an outfit that looks a lot like this today. I'm pretty sure I've even got on those exact same navy Limited pants. WEIRD!

  2. I HATE gummy eyeballs! I can't believe they are still around and yet every year, the kids bring home several of them. I'm not gonna lie, I love Halloween! We put goblin's blood (AKA red wine) in our wine glasses and hand out candy, but only to kids in costume and not to teenagers with pillowcases! Oh! and I love those pants!

  3. are your pants navy? love the way they look with your coral sweater! i am totally a halloween scrooge too, i pretty much dislike every aspect of the holiday and now that i'm adult, i have no interest whatsoever in handing out candy. i do, however, love the day after halloween candy sales at stores like target!

  4. Those candies were the worst! And Bit O Honey! I like your koi and navy combo today. It doesn't look "Halloweeny" in the least.

  5. Your color combination is so pretty! I love this look, especially with the statement necklace. I agree with Style Journey--no Halloween thoughts at all!

  6. What a pretty color layered look - that sweater looks great on you!

  7. Haha! Your comment about "nasty candy" made me laugh! I know exactly what you mean--I always hated the gummy eyeballs and those mini boxes of Good N Plenty. Bleh. Gimme the Reese's Pieces!

  8. A Chic Outfit, Kate. I do not care much for Halloween either. I love the Sweaters below from Macy's, J.Crew Factory & Revolve Clothing. All those 3 are so pretty. =)

    Check out how I wore Mint today and how I am styling 'Carafe' also.

  9. When I was a kid, we used to go collect our candy and whenever our bag was full would run home and dump out the candy I don't want so my parents could pass it out. I used to hate wearing orange but now I love it but more in the coral shade.


  10. I have particular dislike for Halloween because it's so close to my birthday, so halloween parties are always cramping my style. Probably how December kids feel about Christmas! I almost bought an orange skirt this spring, but then decided I would have no ideas how to wear it, so I put it back on the rack.

  11. Yep, I'm a Halloween scrooge as well. It's just weird, when you think about it...dress up in costumes and get candy from strangers...It's kind of cute to see little kids in their costumes, but I really dislike Halloween for adults. People can be so insensitive and gross with their costumes...and it kind of feels like another excuse for adults to get drunk. Not my style. (Yes, I'm a Judgy McJudgerson about this stuff...)

    I do, however, LOVE this outfit! Coral and navy look really nice together, and I love the blouse underneath the sweater.


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