Thursday, October 24, 2013

pantone challenge :: carafe

What comes to mind when you hear the word "carafe"? A coffee drink gone horribly wrong. 
What comes to mind when you see the color "carafe"? Art class. And every time I mixed too many different paints together-- I always ended up with the same brownish-green glob.

Since nothing in my closet is strictly speaking carafe, I was on the fence as to whether I would go more brown or more olive-green for day 4 of the Pantone-inspired fall color challenge. Given my interpretations of 'carafe' above, I figured I'd scan my Pinterest boards to see if I couldn't be inspired. This pin (original source unknown) caught my eye, so I went to my closet, and grabbed what you see below. (For the purposes of the challenge, I'm dubbing my tights as 'carafe'.)

Dress: Forever 21 [option]
Cardigan: LOFT (c/o Mom) [option]
Scarf: gift from Serbia(?) [similar]
Tights: The Limited [similar]
Boots: Not Rated via DSW [exact]

literate & stylish


  1. Gorgeous look, love your scarf!

  2. I feel like a lot of the colors for the challenge were difficult because they were between two shades. I guess that's what makes it a challenge! I really like your outfit, you look really cozy!

  3. Ha! I like your outfit better than the inspiration photo. This pantone challenge sounds like it's turning into quite a bit of a challenge with the crazy names. I like that you broke the mold and did what you wanted :)

  4. I love this scarf, such a fun outfit!

  5. I love the crazy names of these colors! I have actually never even heard of the colore "carafe." It just makes me think of a water pitcher, for whatever reason. I really like the outfit - it's a good reminder that we can wear sweaters with a belt as a top of sorts.

  6. love monochromatic look and the pop of pink is fabulous
    I love how you tied the scarf as well

  7. I agree these colors are between colors and difficult to match. Love your look, perfect Fall look.

  8. I like your interpretation of the pin you mentioned. I like your addition of the bright scarf though--so pretty!

  9. I skipped this color because I could not figure out what color it was and i don't have any olive green things. Love your outfit - the print and color of your skirt is so pretty.


  10. Cute, Kate! I like this outfit a lot - those boots are so cute, and may I say that your scarf is looking quite "vivacious" today? ;)

  11. I really love the pop of colour that the scarf brings to this outfit. The whole style just works so well together though.

    Great post!

    xxo Jackie

  12. I love this look! I am definitely envious of that sweater given that it's decided to skip fall and shoot straight into winter this week! I am going to try out layering over dresses like this in the near future because you make it look so put-together and unique.

  13. I love how you made that Summer Dress perfect for Fall. The scarf adds a big pop of color.

  14. Love the color combination. So unexpected.


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