Friday, October 25, 2013

pantone challenge :: acai

Talk about saving the best for last! Today is the fifth and final day of the Pantone-inspired fall color challenge, and it was the one I was looking forward to most. The biggest challenge for me today was choosing which one of my many acai items to wear. I had a phase where I bought all things purple. Then I stopped once I realized how hard it is to coordinate bottoms with darker purple tops (with the exception of colorful skirts). With what colors do you wear dark purple?

Occasion: Teaching
Top: The Limited (c/o Mom)
Skirt: The Limited [option]
Leopard Belt: via Target [exact]
Tights: Apt. 9 via Kohl's [option]
Wedges: Xhilaration via Target [option]

other acai top options:

literate & stylish


  1. I would have never thought to style these colors together but I really love it!

  2. I really like this combo, cute!

  3. What fun color combo! I don't own too many purple colors in my closet. I am always stumped what to pair with it. Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Hi Kate, I think those colors look perfect together! I love the look of two brights together, it's always unexpected but really fun! And I love that leopard goes with anything :)

  5. Yes! I always have that trouble with darker colors on top, especially when I don't own any sort of khaki or lighter colored bottom. I love this combination and I especially adore the tights. I'm so glad you decided to link up with us this week. I hope you had fun.

  6. I LOVE purple! Surprisingly, though, I don't own all that much of it, as much as I love it (it's my favorite color). Ah well :) I like those tights a lot - they're whimsical and cute!

    As for what to wear with darker colors...hmm. I think this shade of purple would look great with gray...or white...and it always looks good with denim too!

  7. I love your fun tights and awesome color combo! I usually wear purple with browns or greys. This week I paired it with brown, black AND white, but I've really liked the purple and blue combos I've seen during the challenge, so I might try that next.

  8. this look is great, kate!! and you know what, i've stopped worrying about what colors look good with other colors -- in my mind, pretty much anything works. i love it when two solid colors end up next to one another in my closet or hanging on the back of my door and i pause and realize, "hey, i like the way those two colors look together." this website is also really fun to play around on to see how different colors work together, maybe it will give you inspiration of what to pair with some of your other acai items. :)

  9. I think I own two purple things, a t-shirt from Old Navy and a sweater. Odd. Not even a purple blazer (for shame!) I imagine it with green, especially olive green. I just watched a Welch's grape juice commercial, and the green leaves looked lovely with the purple grapes. How's that for inspiration? Anyway, cute look!

  10. I love your look! What a great combination of colors! I'm in love with your belt! :)

    Feel free to visit my blog as well if you wish! <3



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