Monday, September 9, 2013

not quite the same

Creativity is not my forte. My art projects never stood out from my classmates'. Even as a blogger, I am frequently drawing inspiration from my Pinterest boards or going so far as to copy others' looks. I wasn't sure how I was going to style this dress, so I planned on wearing it exactly as I did the first time.

That's when I was overcome by the feeling that I had to do something different. So I dropped the belt. And then added the statement necklace. It was sitting on my desk, staring at me, begging to be worn. How could I say no?

Occasion: Teaching
Dress: The Limited {optionoption}
Shirt: The Limited {option}
Necklace: ShyBoutique

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  1. I like this look a lot, Kate! I'm not a creative person at all, so I draw on inspiration from other bloggers, Pinterest, and old looks of my own. I like taking a foundation that is tried and true, then tweaking it to make it look fresh! It's a method that just works for me :)

  2. Wish you best of luck on everything dear, as long as you believe in yourself you'll make it ;)

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin'

  3. I love it with the statement necklace! This dress is perfect for layering! I've never actually worn a dress over a shirt like this.

  4. Sometimes getting inspiration from others will eventually bring forth your own creativity! I think you did a pretty great job - can NEVER go wrong with a statement necklace in my eyes!
    Nikki at

  5. I really like the button up shirt layered under the dress! I'm always concerned about a button up looking bulky under a fitted dress - any tips or tricks you've found to avoid that?!

    Jess - J's Style

  6. Love this outfit on you! I have always wanted to try the button down under a dress!


  7. I am pretty sure this is my m.o. as well. I think reading other fashion blogs have helped me branch out in how to pair my clothes in more than just my own ways.

    Great necklace and I like how you kept the outfit simple and use that as the focal point.


  8. It's amazing what a difference taking pictures outside makes! Love how you ditched the belt and added the statement necklace. Definitely will be trying this once it cools down in California!

    Xo, Amanda

  9. This look is ADORABLE! I love it with the bold and unexpected statement necklace. That pinafore dress is incredibly cute, and such a lovely color.

    May the Force be with you.

  10. Oh I like this idea! I think you just gave me inspiration to use a similar dress that has been sitting in my closet. Thanks Kate :)

  11. The color of that dress is fabulous! and love that necklace paired with it!!

  12. You look great! Super polished and put together.

  13. i love this! i may have to copy you, perfect look for teaching! :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  14. such a cute outfit, I love it! It looks wonderful on you!

  15. yaay for you rolling up your sleeves and getting creative! i think this outfit is so very pretty- the necklace made it. i really love cute statement necklaces like that, im off to check out the site you got it at so i can copy cat *you* haha

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  16. This is a great outfit! I love the shirt under the dress and the statement necklace adds a great touch. If you're interested, I host a weekly Fashionably Employed Link Up to share ideas for great style for work and I would love for you to join. I think this outfit would make a great addition. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks again for linking up! Glad you joined.


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