Monday, August 12, 2013

you look bright

The first time I wore this floral skirt, I paired it with a white lace top. I knew that this time around, I wanted to pair it with blue. I don't have many blue tops, but I have one that I haven't worn in a long time. And lately, that has been the name of the game for me. When I'm not sure what to wear, I gravitate towards something I haven't worn in a long time. Do you have a decision making method when you're unsure about what to wear?

* sorry about the blurriness & quality of the photos-- it was so humid out, my camera lens kept fogging up!

Top: Old Navy {option}
Skirt: LOFT {option}
Sandals: Target {similar}

Me: "Do you like my outfit?" 
Husband: "You look bright."


  1. I love the choice of the blue top. Your husband's comment made me giggle :) Men are so clueless, lol!

  2. I wore a similar floral pink skirt the other day though I kept feeling it belonged more to Spring than summer. But oh well!I felt happy to not be neglecting it anymore.

  3. Great outfit, that blue top was a great choice. I do that, if I can't think of something to wear I'll pull out something I've been neglecting and work an outfit around that. I've learned not to ask my bf if he likes my outfit, he'll either tell me he does, or I just know he doesn't haha.

  4. Cute! I think a white tank would look great with that skirt too!
    xoxo-Kate Styled Pretty

  5. Oh, husbands! Their opinions on style are so funny sometimes.

    I almost bought the shorts in this print, but decided that I probably don't need 2 pairs of floral shorts (even if they were only $10). I'm making good decisions, see?!

  6. Love this pattern! So cute!

  7. Great look! love your blog!

  8. Taking photos in the humidity is the WORST! My hair literally frizzes instantly, so I don't think I'd get far enough to have my lens get foggy, but I'm sure it would happen...

    xoxo Jackie

  9. Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors to wear since it's so flattering on most skin tones. My hubby has sort of become my fashion critic since he takes my photos and always comment that I am too colorful. I don't think they know what they are talking about :)


  10. Such a cute skirt, love the print and colors!

  11. I often do the same thing as you - I either wear something new or something I haven't worn in a while. Since I'm nerdy and keep track of my clothing in Excel, it's nice to be able to see the last time I wore something, or which items in my closet have been worn the least. If I'm having a hard time finding something to wear because I'm having a fat day or something, I usually throw on a dress or something really comfortable and flowy.

    I really, really love the print on that skirt, and I'm a huge fan of cobalt blue, so this outfit is a total win for me!

  12. Your husband's response cracks me up. It's such a dude thing to say. You can tell him, "Yeah, I look bright because this was a genius outfit choice. Duh." I am pretty sure cobalt blue can do no wrong.


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