Thursday, July 25, 2013

gravitational pull

Is it just me, or do you find yourself drawn to the same types of things? Often times when I go shopping, I find myself pulling clothes off the racks very similar to ones that I already own. It's a good thing I am aware of this gravitational pull, else I'd probably own thirty striped tops by now. 

Oh wait. 

(Just kidding. The count is less than twenty.)

Striped Sweater: Old Navy {option}
Women's Everyday Khaki 5" Shorts: Old Navy {same style}
Women's New Classic Flip Flops: Old Navy {same style

I find myself affected by the gravitational pull not only while shopping, but also when putting outfits together. Without much thought, I grabbed these shorts and a sweater for a trip to the grocery store (I always freeze in the grocery store). After snapping a few pics of this outfit, it was like deja vu. A black and white striped top with coral shorts again? You bet. Are there any color/pattern combinations you are repeatedly drawn to?


  1. Leopard! After going through my closet I own several leopard pieces and 5 pair of leopard shoes, ha ha!

    When you find a formula or something that works for you, I think it's only natural to gravitate towards what you know and what feels comfortable. This is a great look and you are one stylish lady heading to the grocery store :)

  2. I definitely do this when shopping. I'll carry something around and then realize, wait! I already have something just like this! But I also wear similar types of outfits all the time, and I don't really think there's anything wrong with that!

  3. Same here! I feel like I'm always buying striped tops!

  4. I know exactly how you feel! I had to stop myself from buying stripes. xx. McKenna Lou

  5. Yep, I definitely do that! I love stripes, and I always want to buy black shirts or anything navy or coral. I also am drawn to leopard print :) (<-- my new URL!)

  6. I know how you feel girl! I am normally drawn to the same colors and patterns! Especially anything with polka dots! This is a perfect casual look. :)

  7. i definitely do both of these things a lot, too. i had an orange button-down in my virtual shopping cart at not even realizing i already own one. i'm drawn to the same colors and definitely like pairing the same pieces together over and over. i agree though, i think it's good that we know what we like and what works for us!

  8. Love this look! Such a cute combo!


  9. I think I have those moments all the time with polka dots & stripes. I am also so drawn to pairing navy & orange together. I am going to say we are just honed in on our styling skills :)


  10. I don't even want to know how many striped tees I have. It's basically one in every color possible!


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