Tuesday, July 23, 2013

floral skirt debut

I'm trying this new thing where I don't wait forever to wear new clothes after purchasing them. I've already worn this dress three times since I bought it last week. (When on vacation, I have absolutely no problem wearing the same clothes multiple times.) I wore these shorts several times as well. I had not worn the awesome skirt I found at LOFT for $5, so I decided Sunday would be the perfect day to wear it.

Allover Lace Tee: The Limited {option, option}
Shells and Stones Necklace: The Limited {option}
Petite Aqua Floral Print Full Skirt: LOFT {exact}
Mix No. 6 Route Flat Sandal: DSW {exact}

I felt the outfit was plain when it was just the tee and skirt, so I added the necklace. I wasn't sure whether it was the best option, since it consists of shades of reds and oranges, while the skirt consists of shades of blues and greens. Do you think the necklace works, or would you opt for something different?


  1. This skirt is so awesome and I like it paired with the white top. I have learned the magic of plain white t-shirts and plain tops this summer. The colors in the necklace totally work too.

  2. Great outfit.Love your skirt.It's really nice :*


  3. I think the necklace definitely works, the colors balance nicely. And I think you've just convinced me to wear my chevron skirt with a lace top tucked in!

  4. the skirt is cute, love the bright colours :) I have the opposite problem, I always wear new stuff too much I get sick of it!


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  5. I'm normally picky with matching, but I think the colors work because they're all so bright and summery!

  6. Such a cute skirt! Love the pattern! So jealous you got it for so cheap!


  7. gorgeous skirt! $5??? wowwwwww, nice find! :)


  8. This is such a pretty skirt on you. I never would have thought to pair a pink necklace - it works!


  9. I love that skirt and top together! The shape of the skirt looks perfect on you, and I'm a huge fan of lace tops :) I probably would have gone with a different necklace, but I'm also pretty boring and not very adventurous in my accessories, haha. I love the coral/pink in your necklace, though - I'm currently smitten with coral!


  10. love, love. you know i love to be matchy matchy but i was really drawn to the different colors in the necklace & skirt. i think it totally works!

  11. Lovely skirt! How about teaming it up with a deep red top?


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