Saturday, July 20, 2013

closing thoughts on cost-per-wear

At the beginning of the week, I opened up the topic of cost-per-wear for discussion. After some reflection, I can't say that I have come to any significant conclusions, but I can share with you my thoughts on the matter.

Cost should not drive a purchase...
I have bought too many items because they were a great price. If only all tops could be $8! But they can't. And more often than not, the tops that you really love aren't going to be $8. 

...but it should be taken into consideration.
Would I ever spend $60 on a black maxi skirt? No. Regardless of how much I loved it. One might argue that as long as I stay within my monthly budget, it doesn't matter. The thing is, black maxi skirts come and go. They are not unique, and you can find them in just about any store this summer.

I initially raised the topic of cost-per-wear because I tried on a $90 dress that I thought was fabulous, but wasn't ready to spend the money (even if birthday money would cover it). Even with a student discount, $75 was still too steep. Two days later, it was 40% off. $50 is still a lot, but it's reasonable.

Cost-per-wear is a helpful tool...
Thinking about cost-per-wear is great when it comes to shoes, purses, and blazers/jackets. Too many of my shoes come from Target because I broke my first rule: I let cost decide my purchase. I didn't want to spend $40 for a pair of black flats two years ago, so I bought a pair from Target for $15. They fell apart in less than a year (even though I continued to wear them). Who wants to spend $15 on flats every year?

The point is, yes, $60 is a lot to shell out for a pair of shoes (when you're used to spending $15 on them) but shoes get a lot of wear. The same goes with jackets. I paid $67 for my Gap fuchsia blazer, and have featured it on the blog seven times (plus at least one or two times I wore it without blogging it). That puts my current cost-per-wear at about $9. If I wear the blazer seven more times this year, the cost-per-wear falls to $4.50. I was apprehensive about shelling out so much for a colorful blazer, but I feel much better about it now. The same story goes with a pair of heels I spent $40 on. 

...but it's not a solution.
The reason I say this is because cost-per-wear requires some sort of knowledge of the future. I don't know about you, but my fortune telling skills are lacking. I don't know what the week has in store for me; how am I supposed to know how much I'm going to wear a particular item? 

What I see now is that you don't have to know how much you're going to wear a particular item. The important thing, however, is taking a moment to seriously think about it. Yes, the pink shorts and white top I bought last week were super cute and fairly priced, so even though cost-per-wear would eventually be low, I realized they weren't smart purchases (so I ended up returning them).

With that said... I should have bought this dress when it was available in my size. I have missed my chance, but it might not be too late for another fabulous dress. Given my love of bears, is $98 too much to spend on this dress?

(Answer: yes. But if you know of any coupons/promotion and/or want to donate to my fund, I'd appreciate it!)

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  1. I agree with you on target shoes! Mine always fall apart because they are cheap at the time. I have to buy a new pair every year. I need to take the plunge and buy the nice pair!



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