Thursday, July 11, 2013

birthday presents

I know I said I was excited about working with what I had in my closet, and I am. But that doesn't mean I can't purchase items let my mom purchase items/birthday gifts that I've been eying for some time, right?

Women's Drawstring Dress in Navy Stripe: Old Navy

Pintucked Sleeveless Top in white: The Limited [edit: returned]
678 Ombre Frayed Hem Shorts in mint: The Limited

Drew Essential Shorts in shocking pink: The Limited [edit: returned]

and the best deal:

Petite* Aqua Floral Print Full Skirt: Loft

I found the skirt on (final) sale for $4.98. I've been looking for a floral skirt for some time now, and so when I walked around the store with this skirt and saw how many colors match up with it, I was sold. I just wish there had been more that was my style/my size, since pretty much everything else on final sale was $4.88!
*I'm not petite, but when the shoe skirt fits...

Do you like any of these picks? If so, which is your favorite? I'll be in town for another week, so if there are any I should return, I have enough time to do so. (I really would love your opinions!)


  1. I think these are all winners! I'm excited about the mint and pink shorts, because I have very similar pairs, and I want more ideas of how to wear them! I also think the top will be a super versatile piece for summer, since it's fancier than a cotton tank top, but still looks like it will keep you cool. Oh, and the dress and skirt are awesome, too! I found a bunch of stuff at Loft a few weeks ago, but none of it was $5! I should have waited!

  2. I like every single one of these! I wouldn't take anything back. What a super score on the floral skirt. That will be fun to take into the colder months even. The ombre shorts are super cute too and a great length. Not too short and not too long. Happy Birthday :)

  3. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. seriously, need that dress, and that white top in my life immediately. what moving day in a week?

  4. These are all really great! I'm loving the striped dress and floral skirt, but colored shorts are so versatile too!

  5. I love the old navy dress! So cute for summer!

  6. I think they are all keepers. My absolute favourite is that floral skirt.
    What an amazing deal and it fits your perfectly.


  7. All great items! You are one lucky girl! I love the ombre shorts!


  8. Love all of your new items! Especially this white blouse! Lovely!
    However, I also try to stick to what I have in my closet or, if I go shopping, then to go for second hand and vintage items... it's just somehow not good to support this exploition of people in Asia too much, I think.
    And happy Birthday (or was it already :)???)


  9. I can't believe you found that skirt for so cheap! I actually bought a few things at LOFT recently, but none that were that cheap! I think you should everything- as long as you'll get a lot of wear out of them. Are you moving? Or vacationing?

  10. that flora skirt is so cute! i own quite a few petite items too, but they still fit... they just tend to be a little shorter! i would not have been able to leave that skirt on the rack either at that price!

  11. I pretty much love all of the things you bought - especially that white blouse! I have been looking for something similar to that for AGES and can't find anything I like - you scored big time! Your striped dress and pink shorts are really cute, too :)

  12. I love that skirt! What a great price! I have the shorts in that pattern and they go with so much!

  13. i've always loved birthday shopping! the clothes seem more special somehow! and that striped dress is summer PERFECTION!

    dash dot dotty

  14. I love every single one of your items! especially the Loft skirt for less than $5. You are a shopper after my own heart.

  15. Love all the bright colored bottoms! Great finds!



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