Thursday, June 20, 2013

How I Wear Neon

Today I am linking up with Bri at Work Clothes, I Suppose for Third Thursday Threads: NEON. Although I think neon looks great on running shoes and soccer cleats, I'm really not a fan of it as a fashion statement.

Oddly enough, I purchased this tee in neon coral so I could qualify for free shipping. Despite the name, it didn't look very neon-y online, so I figured it would be a keeper. When the tee arrived, however, I cringed. The neon was just too overwhelming. It would be going back, for sure. Or so I thought. 

I can't remember why, but I hung the tee in my bathroom instead of putting it back in the bag. (It was probably to compare it to this other tee I bought (in energetic peach) that I also had hanging up.) In less than two days, I realized I actually really liked the neon tee, so I wore it that evening for dollar tacos. Have you ever had a similar experience?

Tee: Gap {exact}
Sunglasses: The Limited
Shorts: The Limited {chambray option}
Flip flops: Old Navy {same style}

This is the type of "outfit" I would wear throughout the entire summer (with the exception of 95+ degree days-- then it's all about sleeveless, flowy dresses). I apologize in advance if this blog becomes a snoozefest of shorts/tees and dresses for the duration of the summer... but that's how I roll :o)


  1. Neon coral looks great on you!

    And summer style is so tricky. It's hard to be interesting when layers are completely out of the question. I keep almost buying white shorts from J.Crew factory and then I remember that I probably won't wear shorts to work, so I don't need more of them. But then I am thinking the 7inch shorts would be work appropriate, right? Especially with a blazer, right?! This might have to happen.

  2. Very nice shirt ;)
    Great post!

  3. I like it! You know I'm not all about the neon, but this isn't like a highlighter, it's bright but appropriate for summer :)

  4. This is cute! I like it, because it's not obnoxious - it's just bright! I really, really like your shorts, too. They look wonderful on you!!

  5. Love the tee!

  6. Loving the neon tee on you! super cute look for summer!


  7. This is such a pretty color on you. I am guilty of buying things knowing that I would end up returning it just to qualify for free shipping. But if I think about it, it probably is cheaper for me to pay the shipping than take the time and money for gas to drive to the mall and return it and risk buying something else.


  8. Kate I am loving Shorts on you lately. And I agree, Neon is great in small doses.

    As far as buying, I am one of those people that almost never returns anything. So I am stuck with a ton of neglected items that I find weekly, with tags still on.

    Also, Great Kate, I featured one of your Lovely Outfits of late in my Week's Best Looks post below. So check it out. As usual, I Love Your Style.

    Have a Great Week, Ada. =)

  9. I adore this color! I'm so glad you kept it! Thanks so much for linking up - sorry I'm so behind in commenting on all the posts. :/

    I wish I could be posting shorts and tees all summer...darn having to wear more conservative items to work!


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