Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graphic Tee Love

For my high school graduation party, I hung up all the t-shirts I had accumulated over the four years. Most came from the sports I played, others came from school events (like talent show, homecoming, etc). I think the count was up to 47. I still have a Rubbermaid tub full of tshirts, and a drawer full of fitted graphic tees. (This makes me sound awfully hoarder-ish, doesn't it?)

I've neglected my fitted graphic tees for a long time in order to wear the more stylish tops. While taking a break from blogging and not caring whether what I was wearing was stylish or not, I've been opting for tees much more. (I admittedly bought this one from Forever 21 last week after eying it for the past month.)

Tee: Charlotte Russe {love/want this one}
Shorts: Old Navy {same style}
Cardigan: Target {option}
Flip Flops: Old Navy {same style}

Slap a cartoon animal or animal print on a tee, and I'm sold. Seriously. It's a great weakness of mine.

I wore this "outfit" (with no intention of it being seen on the blog) for lunch with my husband and his brother. I added the cardigan because it was windy. We ended up going to the pet store and nature center, too. It was a great day, even if it wasn't the greatest outfit.


  1. I love a graphic tee! I have a ton too, they totally used to be my "thing" (I'm a sucker for any with dinosaurs on them, rawr) But I haven't been wearing them much because of wearing more stylish tops too. I've found that I really like how they look with cardigans, so I've been trying to get more wear out of my collection.

  2. A month without blogging made me stop tryna be so stylish and also resulted in the wearing and buying of lotsa comfy tees, some with graphics and some without. It was kind of nice to get dressed for once and not worry about whether or not it was a stylish enough outfit. Still trying to find the balance of not letting the blog world stress me out, and just have fun with it and let it inspire me, yanno?

  3. I am not much into graphic tees and I was thinking about it - I don't think has to do my age. I was just never into them. When I think of tees, they are typically so unflattering on me - the boxy cut. This is a super fun graphic tee! You look so happy & relaxed in this picture.


  4. You look so cute & comfortable and about 5 years younger. So, that's what matter blog-worthy or not.

    P.S. Check out today's feature at "Meet & Greet". And I E-Mailed you. Thank You. =)

  5. Well, I can get behind the casual outfit posts! We aren't all wearing pencil skirts every day, right!


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