Monday, June 24, 2013


At the beginning of the year, I put together a wishlist. For six months now, I have been searching for the perfect polka dot shirt. I tried this one from Forever 21, but it was too tight on the arms, and too baggy in the  midsection. J. Crew's version fit the bill, but the bill itself was too much for my budget. J. Crew Factory offered a slightly more affordable version. The regular price tag was still more than I was willing to spend, but then finally a few weeks ago the entire store was 50% off and I decided to go for it. 

Top: J. Crew Factory {exact, smaller dots}
Shorts: The Limited (c/o Mom) {similar}
Sandals: Target {exact}

I'll admit it... putting this effort together was really quite effortless. Translation: success! 

Fashion Tip: Don't be afraid to do (or wear) the obvious. When your top has two colors in it (e.g., ivory and navy) coordinate by wearing solid colored bottoms of one of those colors (e.g., navy). Sometimes less is more.


  1. YAY! I almost bought that shirt, but have to remind myself that I want a black and white one, not navy. My search continues...

  2. I've been liking for a great one too. Love this one and your sandals!

  3. YAY! I'm so glad you finally got it. Is that the same one as I have? either way, I see they also have it in black and blue. hmmmmmm.

  4. Loving it. Cannot wait to shop at the States, soon. I, too am looking for the Perfect White w/ Black Dots Button Down. I would love smth Silky. Loving the Shorts, also.

  5. J.Crew Factory has some awesome sales:)! So glad you found the perfect polka dot shirt! Looks perfect with the navy shorts:)!

  6. Glad you found what you were looking for at the right price. J Crew Factory has had some awesome deals recently.


  7. I love "obvious" outfits like this. I think that when we blog, there's pressure to keep trying new things and being innovative and adventurous...but these natural outfits are so wearable, comfortable, and tried & true, you know? I love this :)


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