Friday, June 14, 2013

Feel Good Dress

About a month ago, I reported that I bought a fabulous dress, but wasn't sure whether I would keep it or not. Well, I decided to keep it. I just love the way I feel in it too much not to keep it. I wore this on Wednesday when my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our second anniversary. 

Dress: The Limited {exact}
Necklace: The Limited {exact}
Sandals: Mix No. 6 via DSW {exact}

I also want this purchase to serve as a reminder that (for me) clothing purchases should be accompanied by a positive feeling. I've bought (and subsequently returned) too many things this year after realizing that I was indifferent about item, or that blogging motivated the purchase. On that same shopping trip, I came home with these printed crops (in black) from Gap. Would they have been great for the blog? You betcha. Were they great for me? No way. They have no pockets, and they were really baggy in the knees. I counted the times I wore my other ankle pants, and realized that I wasn't wearing those enough; adding one more into the mix would further reduce the amount of times they would all be worn. 

It's been a couple of weeks since I've made the return, and I don't miss the crops. But then again, the 80+ degree heat could be playing a significant role in that decision.

Do you always feel excited/happy/(blank) when you buy a new piece of clothing? Is there a particular way you want to feel when you do?


  1. Great styling of the dress :)

  2. I love this dress on you! I think I was one of the people who said to return it, because I wasn't wild about it on the Limited website, but you look like a million bucks in it!

    I think (for the most part) I've gotten better about only buying things that I really love, and making sure I will wear it a lot. I was actually looking through my budget posts from this year, and when I compare my January post to my more recent posts, I've gotten much better. In January, I'd say 7 of the 10 things I bought were things I sort of liked that happened to be on sale. In April-May, maybe 3 of 25 things were in that category. Everything else was a "love it" purchase that I've worn several times already. So, I'm making progress, right?!

    I'm learning that if I buy something and I don't want to wear it "RIGHT NOW", then I should probably return it.

  3. I'm so glad you kept it, it's a great dress and you look amazing! I used to buy stuff all the time that I wasn't excited about, just to add to my closet and because it was cheap. But I don't do that anymore, or at least I'm very aware of trying not to do that anymore. And I think it's been making a major difference.

  4. I love the dress on you, its look great and you obviously feel fab in it! As far as buying clothing for the blog, I love the way blogging and reading blogs has influcenced my style, but I try to never buy something just to post about it. So good job returning pants you'd never wear :)

    Rach.E.Cakes – A Life and Style Blog

  5. Okay, this dress looks amazing on you! Definitely a keeper!

    Ever since I started blogging my outfits and sharing what I spend on clothes each month, I've been WAY more particular about what I buy. I've started to know my style and my body so much better, so I find that I am wasting money so much less. It's a good feeling!

    Oh and happy anniversary!

  6. I definitely agree that if you feel amazing in something (and it has at least a nugget of practicality), you should not feel bad about purchasing said item. This dress is one of those things for you, and if you love it that much (and you do, yay!), it's a good purchase.

    I've started thinking about clothing purchases differently as well. I really like that you distinguished between something being good for the blog, but not for you and your lifestyle. I think about that all the time when shopping and getting dressed. I never want to wear or buy something just for the sake of the blog, because that's just silly. I'm not blogging to make money or to become a trendsetter and change the way women get dressed. I'm blogging because I want to document what I wear and show all women that you can look nice with a limited budget...and to join the community of other bloggers. I recently unfollowed a ton of bloggers who just didn't have that same mentality as me, and I feel so much less annoyed when I read blogs now. It's a good feeling :)

  7. I love that dress! And I have those same sandals :) I get so many compliments on them!

    Xo, Amanda

  8. I've realized that I've made a few purchases because they would look good on the blog too and then I only ended up wearing them once. The pieces that I buy that I can't wait to put on the next day are the pieces I'm trying to add to my closet now. Since I find clothes so cheap I tend to pick up things that I just like and not love.. but I'm currently work on that!
    This dress looks stunning on you! I'm glad you kept it!

    <3 Danielle

  9. I am glad you kept this dress - it looks great on you and the color is very classic so you can wear for years to come. I don't buy clothes for the purchase of the blog but I've always have had poor shopping habits (buying impulsively). I noticed that I have better at shopping and will put things down and think twice before I head for the register.


  10. I think its very good that you kept it. It looks really grat on you!!!


  11. I of course love those printed pants, but you have to do what is right for you and your closet and your wallet. I felt some pressure about wearing/buying things for the blog, but no longer. I buy things that make me happy, not what would look good in pictures. I think we've both come a long way in a short amount of time when it comes to making smarter purchasing decisions :)

  12. Oh gosh I'm so glad you kept this dress. It is gorgeous. Definitely understand buying things for the blog and regretting it - sometimes I wonder if I'm hindering the growth of the blog by not making some of the purchases I'm uncertain about, and then I realize that I am doing this blog to be real, to be me, and being comfortable in my clothing, and with my bank account, is the most important part. Glad you're realizing it too!!

    And congrats on 2 married years!!


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